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Welcome to our tiny houses and plans category, where dreams of cozy, minimalist living become a reality. Here, we offer an extensive collection of tiny houses and tiny house plans for sale, catering to a variety of tastes, needs, and lifestyles. Whether you’re an aspiring tiny house owner or a seasoned minimalist looking for an upgrade or a new project, this is your one-stop destination for all things tiny and terrific.

Our tiny houses range from ready-to-move-in homes, perfect for those eager to embrace tiny living without delay, to custom options that allow you to add your personal touch. Each tiny house is designed with efficiency, sustainability, and comfort in mind, ensuring you can live large while keeping your footprint small. Our selection includes models that boast innovative space-saving features, eco-friendly materials, and designs that blend seamlessly with nature, reflecting the essence of minimalist living.

For the DIY enthusiasts or those who wish to have a hand in designing their tiny abode, our tiny house plans are a treasure trove. Available in a variety of layouts and styles, these plans provide a detailed blueprint for building your own tiny house. Whether you’re looking for a compact and functional design that prioritizes the essentials or a more elaborate setup with custom features, our plans cater to every preference. Each set of plans is crafted by expert designers familiar with the unique challenges and opportunities of tiny house construction, ensuring you have a solid foundation to start your journey.

In this category, you’ll find everything you need to make informed decisions about your tiny living space. From contemporary designs that push the boundaries of tiny house living to classic styles that evoke a sense of home and comfort, our collection is designed to inspire and guide you through the process of selecting or building your tiny house.

Dive into our tiny houses category today and take the first step towards realizing your tiny living dream. Here, you’ll discover not just a house, but a lifestyle that prioritizes freedom, mobility, and the joy of living simply.
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  • Generic 19.5ft x 20ft Mobile Container...

    – Smart design maximizes space and comfort.
    – Durable materials: bamboo wood fiber EPS board and galvanized steel.
    – Ready-to-use efficient electrical system.
    – Quick and easy assembly without large equipment.
    – Lightweight and easy to transport.
    – Customizable flexible living space.
    – Good heat preservation and soundproofing.
    – Eco-friendly and recyclable materials.
    – Suitable for house expansions, temporary residences, vacations, and disaster relief.

  • 20ft Foldable Tiny House

    – Versatile design for various uses.
    – Durable stainless steel construction.
    – Includes essential amenities like bathroom and kitchen cabinets.
    – Efficient space management for a spacious feel.
    – Easy assembly with no hassle.
    – Lockable doors and windows for added security.
    – Customize the interior to your style.
    – Compact yet comfortable living solution.
    – Ideal for modern, flexible lifestyles.

  • Truoba 121 Mini Tiny House Plan

    – Truoba 121 offers a versatile living space in just 285 sq. ft.
    – Ideal for smaller lots, serving as an ADU, guest house, or home office.
    – Features a multifunctional bedroom with a kitchen and seating area.
    – Opens to a customizable deck or covered porch for outdoor enjoyment.
    – Provides various exterior finishes for personalization.
    – Designed with durable materials and insulation for comfort and efficiency.
    – Offers flexible foundation options, including the possibility for a basement.
    – The roof is engineered to withstand different snow loads.
    – Interior space feels spacious with variable ceiling heights.
    – Emphasizes a seamless indoor-outdoor connection.

  • The Element 16-30 Feet Tiny House Plan

    – The Element offers a modern, shed-style roof for a spacious interior.
    – Available in sizes ranging from 16 to 30 feet, catering to various lifestyle needs.
    – Features include stairs, washer/dryer setups, and full-size sleeping lofts.
    – The 30-foot model provides a large, open living area, ideal for small families.
    – A Master-on-Main option eliminates the need for climbing to bed.
    – The 28-foot gooseneck model includes a private master suite and guest loft.
    – Designed with an optimal trailer width of 96 inches for easy mobility.
    – Seamlessly adapts from a compact to a spacious layout as your needs evolve.

  • Tiny Living 12-32 Feet Tiny House Plan

    – Discover minimalist living without sacrificing comfort or style.
    – Features a spacious family room with vaulted ceilings and natural light.
    – Includes a loft for sleeping, maximizing living space below.
    – Available in sizes from 12 to 32 feet, suited for various needs.
    – Easy to tow, with the smallest model movable by a medium-sized SUV.
    – Offers configurations from cozy solo spaces to ample family homes.
    – Each design incorporates essential amenities for daily living.
    – Tailored for those seeking a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Tiny Retirement 20-24 Feet Tiny House...

    – Single-level design eliminates the need for climbing to a loft.
    – Entryway on the long side maximizes interior space.
    – Accommodates a full-size bed or pull-out couch.
    – Compact bathroom with 36-inch shower and overhead storage loft.
    – Available in 20 and 24-foot lengths for optimal living space.
    – Designed for easy towing, allowing for a mobile lifestyle.
    – Offers a customizable layout for a larger kitchen, living area, or bathroom.
    – Ideal for those seeking a simplified, comfortable tiny home experience.

  • Chery Industrial 20ft Tiny House

    – Modern and sleek exterior design with eco-friendly materials.
    – Bright interiors enhanced by double-layer push-out windows.
    – Features a fully equipped washroom, ventilation, and storage solutions.
    – Easy installation with forklift slots and rollers for mobility.
    – Ideal for various uses: guest house, home office, studio, or wellness space.

  • HUGHEARTS 30×20 Tiny House

    – Versatile use for living, office, or business.
    – Modern, elegant design in multiple color options.
    – Customizable size, color, and layout.
    – Durable, portable steel construction.
    – Easy installation and low maintenance.

  • BOVONO 19×20 Mobile Tiny House

    – BOVONO 19×20 offers a spacious 292.5 Sqft living area.
    – Features an expandable design for easy transport and assembly.
    – Constructed with durable alloy steel and flame-retardant foam wallboard.
    – Waterproof and well-insulated for safety and comfort.
    – Equipped with windows for natural light and ventilation.
    – Requires installation on a flat surface for optimal stability.

  • Allwood Chloe | 123 SQF Wood Cabin

    Inside Floor Area: 123 Sqf
    Wall thickness: 1-11/32 (34 mm) – T&G pattern

  • Cedarshed FarmHouse 20 x 14

    Exterior dimensions: 249 1/2″ x 176″ x 124″
    Interior dimensions: 237 1/2″ x 162″ x 112″
    Sidewall height: 87 1/4″

  • Garden Dome Igloo V2

    IMPROVED V2 – Includes a more durable entrance and thicker PVC cover which meets the flammability requirements of the US Code of Federal Regulations 16 CFR Part 1611.3
    These Igloos are the original Garden Igloo and NOT the substandard and cheaply made foreign copies. These units are manufactured using quality materials and superior manufacturing practices for years of durability and enjoyment.