Our unique shop is solving the problem of small spaces and big expectations. On GoTinySpace.com you can find the list of the products created to satisfy the need for saving space for the people who live in tiny spaces like small flats, tiny houses, etc.

By choosing products from our shop you will be sure that you will get the best possible prices because the checkout is completed through the Amazon because we are not the distributors neither the seller.

We are gathering the best products from Amazon.com (oriented for the tiny spaces) thus making the customers find the most viable solutions for tiny spaces without overpaying because we do not have any margin, we only let the customers finish the checkout through Amazon.com.

Such business model assures that customers get the best prices and high-end customer service, advanced shipping rates, and secure purchasing.

We are really doing our best to solve the small space and big expectations issue.

If you have any questions we would be more than happy to answer you via email [email protected].

The assortment is constantly updated!