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Welcome to our products for small space living shop, where every inch of your home is maximized with style, functionality, and convenience. Here, you’ll find an extensive range of products meticulously selected to enhance your compact living experience.

Our unique shop is solving the problem of small spaces and big expectations. On you can find the list of the products created to satisfy the need for saving space for the people who live in tiny spaces like small flats, tiny houses, etc. By choosing products from our shop you will be sure that you will get the best possible prices because the checkout is completed through the Amazon. If you have any questions we would be more than happy to answer you via email [email protected]. The assortment is constantly updated!

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  • Sale! SONGMICS 2 tier shoe rack

    SONGMICS 2 Tier Shoe Rack

    – Spacious yet compact, fitting up to 10 pairs of shoes.
    – Easy, tool-free assembly with simple, illustrated instructions.
    – Durable design, each tier supports up to 22 lb.
    – Smooth, easy-to-clean surface for hassle-free maintenance.
    – Versatile placement, ideal for entryways, closets, bedrooms, or living rooms.
    – Features raised edges to prevent items from slipping off.
    – Open shelves offer visibility and easy access to footwear.
    – Highly rated by customers for its functionality and ease of assembly.

  • Rfiver Black Glass TV Stand

    – Fits 32″-70″ TVs, including flat and curved screens.
    – Swivel and height adjustment for optimal viewing.
    – Heavy-duty construction supports up to 110lbs.
    – 3-tier tempered glass shelves for AV media storage.
    – Elegant corner design saves space in small areas.
    – Easy 15-minute assembly with durable materials.

  • Sale! Gneiss magnetic spice jars

    Gneiss Magnetic Spice Jars

    – Space-saving design that sticks to metallic surfaces.
    – Stylish and practical way to display and access spices.
    – Durable, airtight glass containers keep spices fresh longer.
    – Eco-friendly, reusable, and refillable for a zero-waste kitchen.
    – Customizable with 216 spice label stickers.
    – Optional steel wall base for versatile mounting options.
    – Available in large or small sizes, pre-filled with organic seasonings.

  • EOJO Floating Nightstand With Drawer

    – EOJO floating nightstand combines modern design with functionality.
    – Space-saving, mounts directly to the wall, freeing up floor space.
    – Features a soft close drawer mechanism for silent operation.
    – No assembly required; ready to install for immediate use.
    – Supports up to 60lbs, suitable for heavy items on top and inside.
    – Versatile for use in bedrooms, living rooms, or offices.
    – Light brown color adds a contemporary touch to any room décor.

  • Sale! Puluomis 24 inch farmhouse bathroom vanity

    Puluomis 24 Inch Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

    – The Puluomis Vanity combines modern design with rustic farmhouse charm.
    – Crafted from durable Eco-MDF wood with eco-friendly paint.
    – Features a space-saving sliding door for efficient storage.
    – Includes a stylish grey glass vessel sink and chrome faucet.
    – Easy installation with all necessary hardware provided.
    – Perfectly fits most bathroom decors with its compact dimensions.

  • Truoba 121 Mini Tiny House Plan

    – Truoba 121 offers a versatile living space in just 285 sq. ft.
    – Ideal for smaller lots, serving as an ADU, guest house, or home office.
    – Features a multifunctional bedroom with a kitchen and seating area.
    – Opens to a customizable deck or covered porch for outdoor enjoyment.
    – Provides various exterior finishes for personalization.
    – Designed with durable materials and insulation for comfort and efficiency.
    – Offers flexible foundation options, including the possibility for a basement.
    – The roof is engineered to withstand different snow loads.
    – Interior space feels spacious with variable ceiling heights.
    – Emphasizes a seamless indoor-outdoor connection.

  • The Element 16-30 Feet Tiny House Plan

    – The Element offers a modern, shed-style roof for a spacious interior.
    – Available in sizes ranging from 16 to 30 feet, catering to various lifestyle needs.
    – Features include stairs, washer/dryer setups, and full-size sleeping lofts.
    – The 30-foot model provides a large, open living area, ideal for small families.
    – A Master-on-Main option eliminates the need for climbing to bed.
    – The 28-foot gooseneck model includes a private master suite and guest loft.
    – Designed with an optimal trailer width of 96 inches for easy mobility.
    – Seamlessly adapts from a compact to a spacious layout as your needs evolve.

  • Tiny Living 12-32 Feet Tiny House Plan

    – Discover minimalist living without sacrificing comfort or style.
    – Features a spacious family room with vaulted ceilings and natural light.
    – Includes a loft for sleeping, maximizing living space below.
    – Available in sizes from 12 to 32 feet, suited for various needs.
    – Easy to tow, with the smallest model movable by a medium-sized SUV.
    – Offers configurations from cozy solo spaces to ample family homes.
    – Each design incorporates essential amenities for daily living.
    – Tailored for those seeking a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Tiny Retirement 20-24 Feet Tiny House...

    – Single-level design eliminates the need for climbing to a loft.
    – Entryway on the long side maximizes interior space.
    – Accommodates a full-size bed or pull-out couch.
    – Compact bathroom with 36-inch shower and overhead storage loft.
    – Available in 20 and 24-foot lengths for optimal living space.
    – Designed for easy towing, allowing for a mobile lifestyle.
    – Offers a customizable layout for a larger kitchen, living area, or bathroom.
    – Ideal for those seeking a simplified, comfortable tiny home experience.

  • MAGIGO 19×19 Square Ottoman Tray

    – Crafted from 100% natural dark walnut wood for durability and elegance.
    – Large 19×19 inch size offers ample space for drinks, snacks, and accessories.
    – Versatile for use in living rooms, kitchens, and parties for serving and storage.
    – Features comfortable handles for easy transportation.
    – Smooth finish and rustic characteristics enhance any decor style.
    – Perfect as a sophisticated home accessory or a thoughtful gift.

  • Filano White Floating Nightstand

    – Space-saving design optimizes bedroom layout
    – Stylish white finish complements various decor themes
    – Easy installation with provided hardware
    – Versatile storage options for essentials and decor
    – Enhances any decor with clean, modern lines
    – Foldable cloth drawer for convenient organization
    – Multi-functional as a nightstand or display shelf

  • Sale! Vabches vanity mirror and desk

    Vabches Vanity Mirror and Desk

    – Adjustable LED lights for perfect makeup application
    – Spacious storage with 2 large drawers and 6 shelves
    – Built-in power strip for beauty tools and phone charging
    – High-quality materials for durability and easy cleaning
    – Includes a comfortable cushioned stool
    – Easy assembly with step-by-step instructions