Bedside Shelves

Upgrade your bedroom’s ambiance and functionality with our floating bedside shelves, the perfect solution for small space dwellers who crave a blend of modern elegance and practicality.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, these shelves boast a sleek design that complements any decor style, from the minimalist to the eclectic. The clean lines and invisible mounting create the illusion of floating shelves, offering a serene and clutter-free look to your sanctuary.

Each shelf is made from premium-quality, sustainably-sourced wood, finished with a durable coating that not only protects from daily wear and tear but also adds a warm, inviting touch to your room. The robust construction ensures stability, so your favorite nighttime reads, a calming lamp, and that cherished photo frame stand secure.

Installation is a breeze; with our easy-to-follow instructions, you can have these shelves up in no time, requiring no more than a few minutes and some basic tools. And don’t let the delicate appearance fool you – these shelves are as sturdy as they are stylish, capable of holding up to 15 pounds of your bedtime essentials.

With space at a premium, the floating bedside shelves don’t just save square footage – they also feature a smart cable management system to keep charger wires tidy and out of sight. Now, your phone can charge within arm’s reach without the unsightly tangle of cables.

From creating a cozy nook for your evening tea to keeping your alarm clock just a tap away, these shelves provide the perfect perch for all your needs. Bring home the bedside shelves today and transform your bedtime routine into a seamless, stylish experience.

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  • Modern Innovations Bedside Shelf

    LARGE BEDSIDE TRAY: This 15-inch tray makes a great alternative to nightstands for individuals with small rooms or bunk beds. Specially designed with a spill-proof cup holder and cable cord insert to securely hook in your laptop or phone charger for easy access. The tray measures approximately 15” L x 9” W x 3” H. The maximum bedframe side rail width for the bedside tray to latch on to is 4cm or 1.5 inches. Please measure the side of your bed frame to make sure it will fit.
    SETUP IN 60 SECONDS OR LESS: No tools required! Just hook the tray onto the side of your bed frame and twist in all three screws on the back of the tray until it is securely attached.
    CONVENIENT SHELF SPACE: Store all your books, electronics, and supplies in one place with this home organizer shelf. You can even attach it to the side of your office desk for extra space to store your fax machine or printer.

  • BedShelfie Bedside Shelf for Bed

    AS SEEN ON – See Video (next to pictures) from Business Insider, Kickstarter & Country Living. (Watch out for low quality, untested imitation knockoffs that come and go every few months due to quality issues)
    LARGEST, STRONGEST CLAMP ON MARKET – Incredibly versatile 2.1 inch Clamp System (See Plus Model for 3.1 inch Clamp). Bedside Tray attaches without tools & includes thick felt on touch points.
    GUARANTEED CRAFTSMANSHIP – Designed in Los Angeles and meticulously crafted by hand in eco-friendly bamboo, each piece is GUARANTEED for a lifetime – just drop us an email and say hi!