From Wood Burning Stoves to Electric Fireplaces

Welcome to our curated selection in the from wood burning stoves to electric fireplaces category, where we blend the timeless charm of traditional heating with the sleek efficiency of modern living. This range is specifically designed for those embracing small space living, whether it’s a cozy tiny house, a quaint cabin, a backyard retreat, or even a camping adventure.

In this category, you’ll discover a variety of heating solutions tailored to your unique needs and spatial constraints. From classic wood burning stoves that bring a rustic touch to any room, to electric fireplaces that offer the convenience of a flame at the flick of a switch, we’ve got it all. For those who prefer the traditional crackle of wood, our selection includes not just any wood fireplaces, but those perfect for tighter spaces.

If you’re specifically looking for something compact yet powerful, our range of small wood burning stoves is a standout. These stoves are a perfect match for small living spaces, providing substantial warmth without taking up too much room. Dive into our blog post on the best small wood burning stoves to explore options that perfectly balance size and efficiency.

For those leaning towards a more modern and hassle-free option, our collection of the best electric fireplaces for small spaces is a must-see. These models are ideal for adding warmth to apartments, studios, or smaller living areas where traditional fireplaces might not be feasible. Our dedicated blog post will guide you through selecting the perfect electric fireplace that complements your space and lifestyle.

Additionally, our category expands to include gas fireplaces, a great blend of convenience and ambiance, and cast iron burning stoves that offer durability and a timeless aesthetic. For unique spaces, our corner fireplaces are a creative solution, fitting snugly into corners to maximize your living area.

Another exciting offering is our range of the tabletop fireplaces. These compact, portable fireplaces are perfect for those who want to enjoy the ambiance of a flame with minimal space requirements. Whether it’s for a dinner party centerpiece or a relaxing evening in your backyard, our blog post on the best tabletop fireplaces will help you find a safe, stylish, and practical option.

In summary, our from wood burning stoves to electric fireplaces category is a comprehensive collection catering to those who cherish small space living. From the functional elegance of wood and gas fireplaces to the modern convenience of electric and tabletop models, we’ve carefully selected products that promise warmth, style, and efficiency for your compact living space. Explore our blog posts for detailed insights and find the ideal heating solution to elevate your home.

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  • Sale! TURBRO Electric Fireplace TS17Q

    TURBRO Electric Fireplace TS17Q

    Upgraded Design: The TS17Q is slimmer, lighter, and still has 4 support legs for stability and more portability so you can move and place it anywhere in your home. With the modern 3-sided view design, you can enjoy the vivid flame effect in a wider field of view.
    Flame Control: Create a charming fireside environment without the mess and smoke of a real fire. The LED flame effect can be turned on separately from the heat to help you set the mood when the heater is not needed.

    Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $79.99.
  • HomeBuddy Small Tabletop Fire Pit

    ⏱ PROLONGED BURN TIME – Our extra-large burning capsule ensures a constant fire for as long as 2 hours. Bring it with you anywhere you go and enjoy those special moments for longer. Ideal for camping or cozy evenings on the patio – make your nights memorable!
    💯 EXTRA STABLE & SAFE – Made of heavy micro cement, and raised on 3 legs, the tabletop fireplace is extra stable & safe for any surface, including tempered glass. To prevent any potential fuel spillage and cracking, the burning capsule is also set in a stainless steel safety liner.

  • NewImage Mini Electric Fireplace Tabletop

    【BIO ETHANOL VENTLESS FIREPLACE】 – Fueled by smokeless, odorless,clean burning Bio Ethanol (not included),this ventless real flame fireplace doesn’t require a chimney, and is an excellent decorative,functional piece for any room of the house.
    【MODERN DESIGN】 – With a sleek modern design and a 360° view of the dancing flames behind clear high temperature resistant glass, this table top fireplace is a stylish conversation piece! It would also make a fantastic gift for your interior design loving friends or family!

  • YUMEBUY Wood Burning Camping Stove

    【A Good Partner for Outdoor Travel】- Go out with this lightweight and portable outdoor camping stove, you can get warm and cook delicious food in your outdoor tent at the same time. For chimney pipe (with air control), connected together up to 12 inches, is perfect for small to medium sized tent installations. This camping wood stove also makes a great gift idea for your favorite camper, fisherman (great for ice-fishing), hunter, or lover of wood-burning stoves.
    【Lightweight & Portable】- All of the parts stored inside the stove belly (Including Fire-resistant Tent Stove Jack), easy to carry. With 4 foldable legs, it can be placed flat on any terrain. Lightweight (15 LBS), allowing it to go anywhere you need to keep you warm.

  • Duraflame Heater with 3D Flame Effect

    Infragen heat 1000 sq/ft
    Curved duraflame Infrared Quartz 3D Stove Heater with Infragen technology
    Patent pending 3D Flame Effect technology creates realistic flames that dance on and behind the logs with 5 brightness levels

  • Winnerwell Camping Wood Burning Stove

    – The Winnerwell stove is made of durable 304 stainless steel.
    – It includes a stove body, chimney pipe sections, a spark arrestor, and an ash scraper.
    – Its compact design makes it highly portable and easy to carry.
    – Ideal for heating and cooking in tents, yurts, and tiny homes.
    – Not intended for residential use, perfect for outdoor adventures.
    – Folds flat for easy storage and transportation.

  • Sale! guide gear wood stove

    Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

    Fire Box Thickness: 2mm (between 13-14 gauge);
    Pipe Thickness: 1.8mm;
    Pipe Diameter: 3.375″;
    Total Pipe Length: 77.5″;
    Firebox Dimensions 11″w. x 17″d. x 8″h.;
    Door Opening Dimensions: 9″ x 6.5″h.;
    Leg Height: 7.5″;
    Overall Dimensions: 12.5″w. x 19″d. x 7.75’h. including pipe;
    Weight: 47 lbs.

    Original price was: $149.99.Current price is: $139.99.
  • Sale! turbro electric fireplace

    Turbro Electric Fireplace TS17

    🔥【Compact & Stylish】Dimensions-17H x 14W x 9D in. Suburbs TS17 is a compact and portable freestanding electric fireplace heater that can be freely placed anywhere in the room or on the go. TS17 features a durable metal frame and legs, clear full-screen glass, and realistic dancing flame effect, giving the instant ambiance of a traditional fireplace
    🔥【Warm & Comfortable】With 1,400W / 4,777BTU powerful heating capacity, that TS17 can warm your small spaces within minutes. The heater can be controlled separately and available to adjust your optimum temperature by the smooth dial knob.

    Original price was: $109.99.Current price is: $69.99.
  • VODA 4-Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan

    Heat powered – no batteries or electricity required.
    Efficiently circulates warm air throughout the room.

  • Sale! wood stove fan heat powered

    Tomersun Wood Stove Fan Heat Powered

    Necessary Fireplace Accessories- the stove fan is widely used for gas, electric, pellet stove or wood burning stove, stove fans will work well and disperse hot air efficiently. wood stove fireplace fan
    Eco Friendly-The stove fan is powered by heat from your fireplace or wood burning stove, no batteries or electricity required. The hotter the stove is, the faster the stove fan spins. wood stove fireplace fan

    Original price was: $25.99.Current price is: $22.99.
  • Sale! turbro suburbs ts20 electric fireplace

    TURBRO Suburbs TS20 Electric Fireplace

    – Efficient 4,780 BTU heater for cozy warmth.
    – Sleek, freestanding metal design fits any decor.
    – Realistic flame effect enhances ambiance year-round.
    – Safety features include cool-to-touch and overheating protection.
    – Simple assembly and easy operation with adjustable thermostat.
    – CSA certified for quality and safety.

    Original price was: $149.99.Current price is: $99.99.