small l shaped outdoor kitchen

7 Most Popular Small L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Designs

If you’re looking to create an outdoor kitchen that’s both stylish and space-efficient, a small L-shaped outdoor kitchen is the perfect solution. This versatile layout maximizes tight spaces while providing plenty of room for prepping, cooking, and entertaining. Whether you envision a cozy nook for grilling or a tropical paradise for mixing drinks, you’ll find the ideal style among these seven designs.

7 Small L-Shape Outdoor Kitchen Designs

1. Classic Grilling Station

l shape Grilling Station

If your ideal weekend involves grilling burgers while chatting with friends, then a classic grilling station is the way to go. With a small L-shaped outdoor kitchen layout, you’ll have all the essentials, like a built-in grill, a mini-fridge, and enough countertop space to handle your prep work and serve plates. It’s all about keeping things practical and straightforward with this setup, so you can focus on making those juicy burgers while keeping the conversation going. Add a bit of storage for your grilling tools and condiments, and you’re all set for a laid-back barbecue with your favorite people.

2. Rustic Retreat

small rustic l shaped outdoor kitchen

Bring the warm vibes of the countryside to your backyard with a rustic retreat-inspired small L-shaped outdoor kitchen. Picture natural stone or brick finishes paired with a cozy wood-fired pizza oven and a sturdy wooden countertop. This design is all about creating a welcoming, earthy ambiance that makes guests feel like they’ve stepped into a charming cabin retreat. The rustic kitchen setup provides a grilling station and wood-fired cooking options to bring a unique twist to your outdoor gatherings. String lights and vintage-style décor can help add an extra touch of warmth and coziness.

3. Modern Minimalist

minimalist l shaped outdoor kitchen

If sleek lines and a streamlined aesthetic are your thing, the modern minimalist style will deliver a chic and contemporary vibe to your small L-shaped outdoor kitchen. Stainless steel appliances, polished stone countertops, and hidden storage keep everything clean and clutter-free. The layout includes a built-in grill, a sink for easy cleanup, and cabinetry to store all your essentials. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a stylish yet low-maintenance setup. Pair this kitchen design with modern outdoor furniture, and you’ll have a luxurious outdoor space where less truly is more.

4. Entertainment Hub

Entertainment Hub outdoor kitchen

Love to play host to all your friends and family? An entertainment hub might be the answer. This small L-shaped outdoor kitchen is designed with socializing in mind, offering a built-in grill, a beverage cooler, and a bar counter with stools. The counter provides a perfect gathering spot for guests to sip drinks and chat while you work your grilling magic. Throw in a few outdoor speakers and some ambient lighting, and you’ve got a space that will quickly become the favorite hangout for your entire crew.

5. Tropical Paradise

tropical l shaped outdoor kitchen

Transform your outdoor kitchen into an island escape with a tropical paradise design. This small L-shaped outdoor kitchen includes thatched roofing, bamboo finishes, and a tiki-style bar for those summer cocktails. You’ll have everything you need, from a built-in grill to a beverage station and plenty of countertop space to prepare snacks and mixers. Add some lush greenery, bright colors, and string lights to complete the look. Soon, your guests will feel like they’re vacationing in the tropics, even if it’s just your backyard.

6. Farmhouse Chic

small Farmhouse l shaped outdoor kitchen

Blend the charm of farmhouse aesthetics with the practicality of modern design in a small L-shaped kitchen in backyard. This layout includes a classic grill, rustic wooden cabinetry, and vintage-inspired light fixtures. Open shelving allows you to display your prettiest kitchenware while adding a little extra storage. The farmhouse style embraces warm wood tones, copper accents, and a mix of natural textures to create a welcoming, homey feel. Think galvanized steel containers and Mason jar cups to add a touch of country flair.

7. Space-Saving Modular

Modular l shaped outdoor kitchen.jpg

If your backyard is ultra-small or irregularly shaped, the space-saving modular design is a fantastic option. This flexible small L-shaped outdoor kitchen makes use of movable components like a grill cart, countertop island, and portable sink. Each piece can be adjusted to fit the exact dimensions of your space. When not in use, you can tuck the individual parts away to free up the area for other activities. It’s perfect for those who want maximum utility without sacrificing versatility.

12 Ideas of Small L-Shaped Backyard Kitchens

small l shaped backyard kitchen
small l shaped outdoor kitchen
stone l shaped outdoor kitchen
cozy small l shaped outdoor kitchen
rustic small l shaped outdoor kitchen
small l shaped backyardr kitchen
small l shaped outdoor kitchen from stone
small modern l shaped outdoor kitchen
tiny l shaped outdoor kitchen
l shaped backyard kitchen
small bbq l shaped outdoor kitchen
tiny l shaped outdoor kitchen


In conclusion, a small L-shaped outdoor kitchen is an ideal solution for those seeking a compact yet stylish space to cook and entertain. Whether you gravitate towards the rustic, modern, or minimalist, these seven designs offer something for every lifestyle and backyard setup. With a little creativity, you can easily customize one to match your unique needs and create the ultimate outdoor oasis. So, which style speaks to you the most?

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