Kitchen Accessories

Welcome to our kitchen accessories category, where functionality meets style in the heart of your home – the kitchen. Especially designed for those who are navigating the challenges of cooking in smaller spaces, our range of accessories is both practical and compact. Whether you’re a novice cook or a seasoned chef, our selection will help you make the most of your kitchen, no matter its size.

Our collection begins with the essentials: kitchen knives. A good knife can make all the difference in food preparation, and our selection includes various sizes and styles, all chosen for their quality, durability, and ability to fit neatly into smaller kitchen drawers or counters.

Next up are our strainers – an indispensable tool for any kitchen. From rinsing vegetables to draining pasta, our strainers are designed to be effective and easy to store. Their ergonomic designs ensure they don’t take up unnecessary space, making them perfect for kitchens where every inch counts.

No kitchen is complete without a set of handy gadgets, and our kitchen gadget sets are tailor-made for efficiency and compact storage. These sets include the most used tools in any kitchen, from spatulas to can openers, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips without cluttering your space.

For coffee enthusiasts, our coffee pod holders are a stylish way to keep your favorite blends organized and accessible. These holders are designed to maximize counter space while keeping your coffee pods within easy reach, adding both function and style to your morning routine.

Cutting boards are another must-have, and our selection includes various sizes to fit any counter. Made from durable materials, these boards are easy to clean and store, making them a practical addition to any small kitchen.

Our category extends beyond these items to include many more accessories, each handpicked for its ability to enhance your cooking experience in a small space. From measuring cups that nest neatly together to collapsible colanders, every item in our collection is chosen for its space-saving design and practicality.

With our kitchen accessories range, you’ll find that cooking in a small space doesn’t mean compromising on quality or convenience. It’s about making smart choices with tools that are designed to fit your space and your lifestyle.

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  • Sale! Drew Barrymore Electric Can Opener

    Drew Barrymore Electric Can Opener

    – One-touch operation for effortless can opening.
    – Sturdy, no-tilt base ensures stability and safety.
    – Versatile for all can sizes with a sharp stainless steel blade.
    – Easy-to-clean with a removable lever.
    – Compact and stylish design fits any kitchen décor.

    Original price was: $36.99.Current price is: $34.90.
  • MAGIGO 19×19 Square Ottoman Tray

    – Crafted from 100% natural dark walnut wood for durability and elegance.
    – Large 19×19 inch size offers ample space for drinks, snacks, and accessories.
    – Versatile for use in living rooms, kitchens, and parties for serving and storage.
    – Features comfortable handles for easy transportation.
    – Smooth finish and rustic characteristics enhance any decor style.
    – Perfect as a sophisticated home accessory or a thoughtful gift.

  • Nifty Solutions Coffee pod Holder

    COFFEE POD CAROUSEL: This Nifty carousel is compatible with K-Cups and stylishly showcases up to 24 of your favorite coffee pods. The lazy Susan base platform revolves and spins 360-degrees, which makes it simple and convenient to find and choose your preferred flavor.
    MODERN DESIGN: The modern, black powder-coated design looks fantastic on the countertop in the kitchen, your dorm room, or in the office coffee bar. Even the heaviest of coffee drinkers will want this carousel to easily brew a cup of coffee.

  • Berry Store Rectangular Ottoman Tray

    – Adds vintage charm and rustic flavor to any space.
    – Includes 4 tastefully torched wooden coasters for table protection.
    – Crafted from premium fir wood with ergonomic metal handles for easy carrying.
    – Perfect size for transporting snacks, drinks, and meals.
    – Versatile use as a serving tray, kitchen organizer, or decorative piece.
    – Enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home with its natural color tones and smooth finish.

  • BILL.F 18 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set

    Ultra Sharp Kitchen Knife Set— Exclusive taper grind edge technology provides optimum sharpness for precise cutting and is easy to re-sharpen.
    All-in-One Knife Set — 18 pieces knife sets include: chef knife, slicer knife, bread knife, santoku knife, utility knife, steak knife, paring knife, sharpening steel, scissor and knife block

  • Hillbond Kitchen Strainers Set of 3

    【Quick-Draining Micro-Pores】 There are tiny holes on the sides and bottom of the bowl, so you don’t need to tilt the bowl to get all of the water out, and you don’t have to worry that the water will remain at the bottom of the bowl causing the fruit to rot easily. The mesh is firm and small that will not warp, stretch or hook even when loaded with heavy objects, and it can also prevent the washed objects from falling out.
    【Multi Size & Space Saving】 Hillbond 3-piece multifunctional strainers add convenience to your kitchen. With different sizes of 1.5, 3 ,5 Qt, you can easily clean and drain pasta, noodles, potatoes, tomatoes, berries and all other vegetables and fruits as needed. Compared with other colanders, our kitchen colander set has an advantage in saving space as bowls of different sizes can be nested seamlessly to make your kitchen always stay tidy.

  • PortoFino 5 Pc. Kitchen Gadget Set

    SPACE SAVING; IDEAL FOR RV’S & CAMPING – Gadgets lay flat in a nesting position for convenient and space-saving storage. Perfect for RV kitchenettes and Camping adventures.
    PERFECT FOR CLUTTER-FREE KITCHEN DRAWERS – Ideal for cooks who enjoy having organized and clutter-free drawers in their kitchens. Gadgets designed to save space and fit neatly stacked in most utensil organizers and cutlery/silverware trays that contain a 3 ¼ inch wide compartment