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30 Innovative Small Corner Kitchen Design Ideas and Tips

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but what do you do when your heart is a little on the small side? Space limitations can be a real challenge, especially for those who love cooking and entertaining. If you’re dealing with a compact kitchen, corner spaces become invaluable real estate. Making the most out of every nook and cranny is crucial to maximizing your kitchen’s potential. In this post, we’ll explore 10 innovative small corner kitchen design ideas and tips to help you make the most of your limited space.

20 Small Corner Kitchen Design Ideas

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Small Corner Kitchen Design
Small Corner Kitchen Design
small space kitchen
small corner kitchen design
small corner kitchen design
small corner kitchen design
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Small Corner Kitchen Design
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small corner kitchen design
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small corner kitchen design

10 Small Corner Kitchen Design Tips

1. Install a Lazy Susan Cabinet

Lazy Susan Cabinet
Revolutionize your corner storage with a Lazy Susan cabinet—easy access meets efficient use of space!

The Lazy Susan organizer is an ingenious turntable solution, seamlessly fitting into any corner cabinet, and elevates the functionality of your kitchen space. Its design is simple yet transformative, offering you the ability to access pots, pans, and pantry necessities with a mere spin. With this setup, the struggle to reach items in the back of your cabinets is completely eliminated. Every essential becomes effortlessly accessible, saving you time and hassle. This clever kitchen ally not only maximizes storage in tight spaces but also makes organization a breeze. No more fumbling or rearranging; the Lazy Susan brings order and convenience right to your fingertips, revolutionizing the way you interact with your kitchen’s corners.

2. Use Open Shelving

Open Shelving kitchen
Maximize your small corner kitchen with open shelving for dishes—chic meets functionality!

Introducing open shelving into your kitchen corners can cleverly expand your storage capabilities while simultaneously enhancing the room’s sense of space. These open shelves invite an element of openness, making the kitchen feel larger and more breathable. They are perfect for showcasing your beautiful dishware, an assortment of your most-used spices, or a collection of small, green plants that bring life to the room. Not only do these shelves serve a functional purpose, but they also allow you to infuse your kitchen with personal touches, turning ordinary storage into an expression of your style.

3. Corner Sink Installation

Corner Sink
Corner sink design: A smart solution to make the most of every inch in your small kitchen

A corner sink installation can be a game-changer in kitchen design, liberating counter space on both sides that would otherwise be consumed by a traditional mid-counter sink setup. This spatial economy creates a more efficient and manageable workspace for food preparation, serving, or cleaning. Additionally, incorporating a sink into the corner introduces an innovative design element that defies expectations, adding an avant-garde twist to the aesthetic of your kitchen, and distinguishing it from more conventional layouts.

4. Corner Drawers

Corner Drawers
Corner drawers: The ultimate space-saver for your small kitchen, combining style and function.

Transform your kitchen corners into a storage haven with sleek corner drawers. These cleverly designed solutions maximize space efficiency, granting easy access and better organization compared to traditional cabinets. With corner drawers, you’ll enjoy the convenience of seeing and reaching your items without the hassle, making the most of every inch in your small kitchen.

5. Floating Corner Desks

Floating Corner Desk
Floating corner desk in the kitchen: The perfect workspace that maximizes every inch while keeping your kitchen clutter-free.

When kitchen square footage is at a premium and an island isn’t an option, consider the installation of a floating corner desk. This innovative design solution effortlessly adapts to your spatial constraints, providing a versatile mini-prep station perfect for those quick culinary tasks. Moreover, this multifunctional piece doubles as an elegant coffee or wine station, offering a stylish focal point where you can serve beverages in a cozy atmosphere. It’s not only a space-saver but also adds a touch of modernity to your kitchen’s aesthetic. Customize the shelving beneath to store your favorite mugs, wine glasses, or recipe books, making it a personalized nook in your intimate kitchen space.

6. Tall Corner Pantries

Tall Corner Pantry
Tall Corner Pantry: A towering solution to optimize storage and make the most of your kitchen’s corner space.

A corner pantry is an excellent choice for small kitchen owners looking to elevate their storage capabilities. By extending upwards and utilizing the often-overlooked vertical square footage, this pantry style allows for a generous amount of shelving to neatly organize groceries and bulk buys. The strategic use of height not only offers more storage options but also helps declutter your kitchen by freeing up cabinet space for cooking tools and dishware. Plus, with everything from spices to cereal boxes kept in one tall, accessible location, meal planning and inventory checks become a breeze, streamlining your kitchen’s functionality and flow.

7. Built-In Corner Appliances

Built-In Corner Appliance
Maximize your kitchen space with this built-In corner cabinet designed specifically for housing appliances.

In a small kitchen, every inch of counter space is precious. To this end, instead of allowing a microwave or coffee maker to monopolize this prime real estate, why not embrace the clever addition of a built-in appliance garage nestled in a corner? Not only does this facilitate the concealment of bulky appliances, thereby maintaining an uncluttered counter, but it also significantly enhances the overall cleanliness and organization of the space. Furthermore, this strategic placement allows for immediate accessibility while simultaneously keeping these items out of the direct line of sight. Consequently, your countertops are left clear, providing a blank canvas for meal preparation or social gatherings. Ultimately, the integration of an appliance garage can transform your kitchen into a model of efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

8. Diagonal Cabinet

Diagonal Cabinet
Revolutionize your kitchen organization with this stylish diagonal cabinet, perfect for seamless corner storage.

Incorporating a diagonal cabinet or shelf into your kitchen design does more than just fill an empty corner; it acts as a transitional piece, harmoniously connecting two cabinet sections. This approach not only introduces a dynamic visual flair but also capitalizes on a unique storage opportunity. As a multifunctional element, it adds a creative twist, offering both a decorative display area and a practical solution for kitchen essentials. Moreover, such a design can cleverly accommodate items of varying sizes, often too awkward for traditional shelving, thereby enhancing functionality. This diagonal addition promises to elevate the form and utility of your kitchen, making it a conversation piece as much as a cupboard.

9. Hanging Pot Racks

Hanging Pot Racks
Maximize your kitchen space with this hanging pot rack, a stylish and functional addition for small corners.

Utilizing corner space near the ceiling for hanging pot racks is a smart move. This savvy installation frees up cabinet space, a precious commodity in any kitchen. Simultaneously, it positions your pots and pans within easy reach, simplifying the cooking process. Additionally, this setup prevents the cluttering of cabinets and drawers, ensuring a tidier kitchen environment. Moreover, it acts as an aesthetic feature, showcasing your cookware and adding a professional touch to the room’s atmosphere. It’s a practical, space-saving solution that brings both form and function to your kitchen’s design.

10. Pull-Out Corner Storage

Pull-Out Corner Storage
Transform your kitchen’s tricky corners into functional storage with this innovative pull-out corner unit.

Pull-out systems are a superior corner storage solution, adeptly maximizing otherwise underutilized spaces. Notably useful, they smoothly transition utensils, spices, and even a concealed trash bin into your grasp, negating the need for cumbersome reaching or bending. Additionally, these systems bring an order to kitchen essentials, making inventory a snap. They are especially beneficial in compact kitchens, where smart space management is pivotal. Furthermore, the pull-out feature offers an element of surprise and sophistication, integrating seamlessly into the modern kitchen aesthetic and providing a hidden yet accessible niche for your storage needs.


Corner spaces in small kitchens offer untapped potential for smart and functional design solutions. With a bit of creativity and planning, you can turn those overlooked corners into practical and stylish areas. Try out these 10 innovative small corner kitchen design ideas to maximize your kitchen’s functionality while keeping it chic and inviting.

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