floating nightstand ideas

19 Floating Nightstand Ideas

Are you ready to transform your bedroom with a touch of floating magic? Look no further, because we’ve scoured the design world to bring you 19 floating nightstand ideas that will elevate your space from mundane to extraordinary. Whether you’re short on space or just looking to infuse a modern vibe into your slumber zone, these nightstands are more than mere surfaces for your alarm clock. They’re style statements that marry form and function, creating a seamless look that’s as practical as it is pleasing to the eye. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect floating nightstand that not only holds your nightly essentials but also uplifts your bedroom’s aesthetic.

Types of Floating Nightstands

1. Industrial Floating Nightstand with Board

Our first option in floating nightstand ideas is this snug, industrial-style gem. Picture this: a solid wooden board, affixed to your wall, where you can charge your phone, rest a book, or display a chic succulent pot. The warm, vintage bulb hangs down, creating just the right mood for relaxation. And guess what? There’s no fumbling for a charger—the handy built-in outlet has got you covered. Simple, useful, and undeniably cool, this nightstand is a small-space game changer.

Industrial Floating Nightstand with Board

Corner Floating Nightstands

2. Corner Floating Nightstands

Our second pick takes cozy corners to new heights. These corner floating nightstands are clever space-savers, tucking neatly into snug spots. Each curve is a canvas for your bedtime essentials; the open shelf cradles your current read while the drawer keeps your secrets tucked away. And up top? There’s just enough space for a light to guide you through your nighttime routine. Smart, space-conscious, and just plain charming, these nightstands turn any corner into a functional nook.

3. Minimalist Floating Nightstand

liding into our third spot of floating nightstand ideas is this minimalist’s dream. This sleek, wall-mounted design clears the floor, giving your space a clean, open feel. With a flat top for your lamp and latest read, and a spacious drawer below for those odds and ends, it’s practical without any fuss. Plus, the no-handle drawer keeps the look streamlined and neat. Simple, effective, and oh-so-stylish, this nightstand brings a breath of fresh air to any room.

Minimalist Floating Nightstand

Simple Floating Nightstand

4. Simple Floating Nightstand

For our fourth idea, check out this sleek and straightforward marvel. This nightstand is all about keeping things tidy and at hand. A smooth, matte shelf floats against the wall, providing just the right spot for your phone and a night lamp. The clever cut-out ensures your charging cable stays untangled and out of sight. It’s the epitome of modern design—minimal, functional, and totally chic. Your nighttime routine just got an upgrade, simple as that.

5. Half Round Floating Nightstand

The fifth showcase is this charming half round design. It hugs your wall with a soft curve, making it a perfect perch for a quirky vase or your current bedtime book. The wooden texture warms up the room, while the dark top gives it a touch of elegance. It’s like a little shelf of serenity, rounding off your day with its understated beauty and practicality. Snug and stylish, it’s a round of applause for smart design.

Half Round Floating Nightstand

F Form Floating Nightstand

6. F Form Floating Nightstand

Dive into our sixth floating nightstand idea, where functionality meets form. The F form floating nightstand stands out with its unique shape that’s as stylish as it is practical. Its crisp white finish and clean lines scream modernity, while the open shelf is just waiting to cradle your nightly reads. Nestle a vase or a frame on top, slide a couple of books in the slot, and voila—your space stays organized and looking sharp. This piece is a clear frontrunner for simplicity and elegance.

7. Floating Nightstand With Sliding Table

Our seventh gem in floating nightstand ideas is a marvel of versatility. Say hello to the floating nightstand with sliding table – a smart, space-saving solution that slides out to offer extra surface when you need it. Keep your coffee cup and alarm clock up top, while tucking away your journal in the discreet drawer. With its light oak finish and sleek design, it’s like the Swiss Army knife of nightstands: compact, multifunctional, and totally indispensable in a cozy bedroom setup.

Floating Nightstand With Sliding Table

G Form Floating Nightstand

8. G Form Floating Nightstand

This eighth option is a nifty blend of form and utility. Carved in a unique ‘G’ silhouette, this nightstand offers a spacious top for your lamp and a clever side slot for stashing magazines and books. Its rich wooden finish adds a warm touch to your bedroom, while the design itself keeps everything you need for the night within easy reach. It’s a stylish, space-smart solution for any small bedroom.

9. Floating Nightstand With Drawer and Shelf Underneath

Our 9th option in floating nightstand ideas is this neat little charmer. Picture your bedtime essentials tucked away in a drawer or resting on the shelf underneath—this design’s got you covered. The natural wood grain whispers quality and style, fitting effortlessly into any decor. It’s perfect for keeping your space tidy and your essentials within reach, without compromising on style. Compact, convenient, and chic, it’s everything a floating nightstand should be.

Floating Nightstand With Drawer and Shelf Underneath

Open Floating Nightstand

10. Open Floating Nightstand

For our 10th floating nightstand idea, think sleek and open. This nightstand strips it back to basics, with a single, spacious compartment and a neat top shelf. It’s all about convenience; just reach over to grab your phone, glasses, or a late-night snack. Plus, the bare design means you can spot your essentials at a glance—no more rummaging around. It’s minimalism done right, keeping your space clutter-free and your essentials always within reach.

11. Oval Floating Nightstand

Our 11th idea is the oval floating nightstand, a sleek addition to any bedroom setup. This nightstand features an elegant, rounded design with two levels for optimal use. The lower shelf is ideal for your phone and favorite nighttime reads, while the upper deck offers the perfect spot for a vibrant plant or a stylish lamp. Its rich, walnut hue adds a touch of sophistication, proving that practical storage can also be a beautiful decor piece.

Oval Floating Nightstand

Floating Nightstand With Slide Out Drawers

12. Floating Nightstand With Slide Out Drawers

Our twelfth idea is a sleek number that combines functionality with a touch of elegance. This floating nightstand with slide out drawers offers a harmonious blend of dark and natural wood tones. The design is as practical as it is visually appealing, with drawers that slide out smoothly to reveal space for your personal items. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a clean look but need a bit of extra storage tucked away just within arm’s reach.

13. Simple Floating Nightstand with Drawer and Space for Phone

This design merges simplicity with practicality. The clean lines of the drawer offer concealed storage for your essentials, while the open space above provides an easy-access spot for your phone. Its light wood finish complements any decor, making it a versatile pick for a clutter-free bedside area. It’s a smart solution for keeping your nightly necessities within reach without any fuss.

Simple Floating Nightstand with Drawer and Space for Phone

Floating Nightstand with 2 Drawers

14. Floating Nightstand with 2 Drawers

Our fourteenth idea is a neat marvel that brings organization to your bedside. It’s a floating nightstand featuring two drawers, providing ample space to keep those knick-knacks out of sight but within easy reach. The top surface is just right for your evening essentials – maybe a lamp, a book, or a cup of tea. Its sturdy build and warm wood tones make it a cozy addition to any bedroom, marrying ample storage with floating ease.

15. Curved Wooden Floating Nightstand

Our fifteenth idea is a stylish curve on the classic nightstand. This unique piece offers a touch of organic elegance with its smooth, rounded shelves—perfect for housing your glasses, a book, or a splash of color with a vase of fresh flowers. The open design means you can keep your bedtime essentials on hand without the clutter, giving your bedroom a clean, modern vibe.

Curved Wooden Floating Nightstand

Floating Nightstand with Hidden Storage

16. Floating Nightstand with Hidden Storage

Our 16th option in floating nightstand ideas cleverly combines surface space with a dash of secrecy. The unassuming design boasts a spacious pull-out drawer, tucked away to keep your personal items out of sight but always within reach. It’s perfect for maintaining a minimalist look while offering practical storage. The warm wood finish and clean lines ensure it pairs well with any bedroom decor, offering a serene spot to rest your nightly essentials.

17. Rustic Floating Nightstand

Our seventeenth idea is a rustic floating nightstand that marries rugged charm with sleek, modern lines. A drawer crafted from natural wood gives a nod to the rustic, while the stark metal frame adds an industrial edge. It’s the perfect perch for a lamp and your current read, plus a little extra storage for those bits and bobs you want out of sight. Ideal for adding character to your bedroom, this nightstand balances old-world coziness with contemporary design.

Rustic Floating Nightstand

Slim Floating Nightstand with Drawer

18. Slim Floating Nightstand with Drawer

Our eighteenth floating nightstand idea is a modern marvel with a slim profile. It features a drawer for tucking away your essentials, maintaining a neat and streamlined look. Above, the spacious top holds your evening mug and current reads in an orderly fashion. The leather pull adds a dash of warmth to the crisp white finish, blending functionality with a subtle, stylish touch. This piece is perfect for those who cherish simplicity with a functional twist.

19. Two Floating Nightstands

Our final pick is a pair of two floating nightstands, bringing symmetry and balance to your peaceful retreat. These matching beauties offer open shelving for your books and a smooth top for a lamp or a cup of tea. Their rich wood finish adds a natural, calming element to the room, while their wall-mounted design frees up floor space, creating an airy, uncluttered vibe perfect for relaxation and ease.

Two Floating Nightstands

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