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11 Trending Floating Nightstands

Diving into the world of bedroom decor, we’ve all faced the challenge of finding that perfect piece that combines functionality with style. Enter the floating nightstand: a game-changer for small spaces and clutter-free living. These gems not only elevate the look of your bedroom but also offer ingenious storage solutions without sacrificing floor space. From rustic charm to modern minimalism, we’ve curated a list of the 11 trendiest floating nightstands that promise to transform your bedroom into a haven of organization and style. Whether you’re a book lover needing extra space for your late-night reads or a tech enthusiast looking for clever cable management, our selection has something for everyone. So, let’s dive in and explore these stylish space-savers that are sure to make a statement in any bedroom.

11 Best Floating Nightstands

1. Nathan James Jackson Floating Bedside Nightstand

Product Dimensions12″D x 16″W x 9″H
Item Weight14 Pounds
ColorWalnut, Oak, Rattan, White
Rating4.5 of 5
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Nathan James Jackson Floating Bedside Nightstand

Our first pick in trending floating nightstands is the Nathan James Jackson floating bedside nightstand. Perfect for those who love a mix of rustic charm and minimalist design, its dark walnut finish brings warmth and sophistication to any room. Not just a pretty face, Jackson cleverly hides cables with a built-in cord hole, ensuring your space stays neat. The combination of a discreet drawer and an open shelf offers versatile storage, making it ideal for stashing away electronics and showcasing decor. It’s the ultimate sidekick for your bed, blending functionality with style in a compact, floating design.

Prepac Transitional 1 Drawer Floating Nightstand

2. Prepac Transitional Black Floating Nightstand

Product Dimensions15″D x 22.5″W x 14.5″H
Item Weight26 Pounds
ColorBlack, Cherry, Grey, White
Rating4.4 of 5
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Next up on our list is the Prepac Transitional 1 drawer floating nightstand, a sleek addition to any modern bedroom. This chic piece is all about elegance and efficiency. With a handy drawer and an open compartment, it effortlessly houses all your bedside must-haves—from books to glasses. And let’s not forget about tech; the thoughtful design includes cord management openings on the top and in the compartment, keeping your charging devices tidy and accessible. Its floating design isn’t just a space saver; it allows you the freedom to set the perfect height for easy access. Plus, Prepac’s smart mounting rail makes installation a breeze, ensuring your stylish nightstand is securely attached to the wall in no time.

3. Nathan James Harper Floating Nightstand

Product Dimensions16″D x 16″W x 9″H
Item Weight22 Pounds
ColorOak, White
Rating4.5 of 5
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Nathan James Harper Floating Nightstand

Sliding into our third spot with effortless style is the Nathan James Harper floating nightstand. This isn’t just any nightstand; it’s a modern marvel that doubles as a chic side table, ready to elevate your living space. With its smooth, easy-glide, two-tier drawer, Harper offers ample room for all your essentials, from gadgets to your latest reads. Its compact, space-saving design makes it a perfect fit for any nook or cranny, blending seamlessly with your existing decor. Whether it’s serving up style next to your bed or complementing your sofa in the living room, this nightstand’s neutral color and sleek lines are sure to impress.

WOODCHES Wooden Floating Nightstand

4. WOODCHES Wooden Floating Nightstand

Product Dimensions17.7”W x 9.8” D x 7.5” H
Item Weight6.17 Pounds
ColorCape Town, Black, Istanbul, Jakarta, Natural, White
Rating4.5 of 5
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Diving into our fourth option in trending floating nightstands, the WOODCHES wooden floating nightstand stands out as a sturdy beacon of storage and style. Remarkably, this nightstand boasts a high weight capacity, even when installed into drywall alone. But, if you anchor it into a stud, the support level jumps significantly, offering unparalleled stability. Moreover, it’s not just about holding weight; this floating nightstand excels in providing ample storage space. With its generously sized drawer, it effortlessly accommodates items that other nightstands might struggle with. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to keep their essentials neatly stored away.

5. NANAGIFTREE Floating Nightstand

Product Dimensions16.1″D x 10.2″W x 2.4″H
Item Weight
Rating4.1 of 5
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NANAGIFTREE Floating Nightstand

Fifth on our parade of stylish floating nightstands is the NANAGIFTREE Floating Nightstand. This piece isn’t just about serving your bedroom; it’s a versatile gem that shines equally bright as a chic side table or a sophisticated wall shelf in various corners of your home. Handcrafted with care, it brings a touch of rustic decor to any space it occupies. But that’s not all – its simple, yet functional design, coupled with a larger size and striking geometric aesthetics, makes it a standout. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom or add a functional flair to other areas, this floating nightstand effortlessly marries form with function.

Filano Floating Nightstand with Drawer

6. Filano Floating Nightstand with Drawer

Product Dimensions8.3″D x 15.3″W x 8.3″H
Item Weight6.78 Pounds
ColorWhite, Rustic Brown
Rating4.3 of 5
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Marching into our sixth spot is the Filano floating nightstand with drawer, a sleek and stylish solution for your bedside storage needs. Crafted from superior particle board and featuring a non-woven FABRIC drawer (note, it’s not wood). With a matte black handle, this white nightstand doesn’t just stand out; it blends seamlessly with any decor theme. Nightstand adding a touch of elegance and clean lines to your space. But here’s the kicker: the foldable cloth drawer. So, this means if your design or decor needs change, you can easily remove and store it away, making it a versatile piece for any room.

7. Mopio Hannah Rattan Floating Nightstand

Product Dimensions12.2″D x 15.4″W x 7.9″H
Item Weight28 Pounds
Rating4.5 of 5
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Mopio Hannah Rattan Floating Nighstand

Gliding into our seventh choice, the Mopio Hannah rattan floating nightstand truly stands out. Firstly, it flaunts a modern farmhouse boho vibe, thanks to its natural rattan door design and antique gold hardware handles, offering deep storage space. Secondly, the clever wall-mounting design not only saves valuable floor space but also supports a maximum load of 18lbs, effortlessly blending form and function. Moreover, crafted with handmade natural rattan this nightstand promises durability against moisture and temperature changes. In essence, it’s a worry-free, stylish addition to any room, marrying practicality with unique design elements.

HLR Small Floating Nightstand

8. HLR Small Floating Nightstand

Product Dimensions6.69″D x 13.18″W x 6.92″H
Item Weight5.15 Pounds
ColorBlack, Green, White
Rating4.1 of 5
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Eighth in line in trending floating nightstands is the HLR small floating nightstand brings a fresh take to modern minimalism. This piece stands out with its hand-painted geometric design, proving that size doesn’t limit style or functionality. It’s a perfect match for any bedroom or living room, thanks to its sophisticated utility organizer. Now, let’s talk about the real game-changer: the flap door design. Ever struggled to open a drawer while lying down? HLR has you covered with a flip-up door that offers ease of access without sacrificing privacy. Plus, for those who crave versatility, the door can be flipped down or even removed entirely. It’s all about making your life easier, one flip at a time.

9. Yesland 2 Packs Narrow Floating Nightstands

Product Dimensions12.25″D x 5.25″W x 2.5″H
Item Weight
Rating4.1 of 5
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Yesland 2 Packs Floating Nightstands

Ninth on our journey is the Yesland 2 packs narrow floating nightstands, where practicality meets natural beauty. Crafted from real Paulownia wood, these nightstands don’t just look good; they’re built to last, marrying lightweight design with sturdiness. What’s more, they embody smart functionality with their solid wooden wall floating shelf feature. The cherry on top? The drawers are a breeze to use. Whether you’re pulling out or pushing in, the built quality ensures smooth operation, even when the organizer bin is chock-full of items. These floating nightstands are all about bringing ease and elegance right to your bedside.

Unistyle Floating Nightstand With Drawer

10. Unistyle Floating Nightstand With Drawer

Product Dimensions7.1″D x 14.8″W x 12.5″H
Item Weight
ColorWhite, Black
Rating4.2 of 5
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Cruising into our tenth spot, the Unistyle floating nightstand with drawer breaks the mold. Unlike typical floating nightstands, this clever design boasts an added drawer, offering a secret spot for your more personal items. Perfect for tucking away those daily essentials, its bottom layer enhances privacy without sacrificing accessibility. But that’s not all – the additional storage space and open design elevate its practicality, making it a versatile pick for any bedside. With its simple lines and compact footprint, it’s hard not to fall for this floating bedside shelf. It’s designed to impress and built to cater to your every need, making it a beloved choice for anyone seeking functionality with a modern twist.

11. Sauder Boulevard Cafe Hanging Nightstand

Product Dimensions13.13″D x 18″W x 17.88″H
Item Weight8.23 Pounds
ColorRustic Brown/Black
Rating4.6 of 5
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Sauder Boulevard Cafe Hanging Nightstand

Rounding off our list at number eleven is the Sauder Boulevard Cafe hanging nightstand, the epitome of space-saving sophistication. This wall-mounted wonder is a versatile gem, offering the perfect placement anywhere in your room. With open storage both above and below the shelf, it caters to all your bedside needs. But wait, there’s more: a flip-down shelf cleverly designed for extra storage. Whether it’s your smartphone, glasses, or small essentials, everything finds its place. Wrapped in a durable, powder-coated metal frame, this nightstand is not just functional; it’s built to last. It’s the ideal solution for anyone looking to blend practicality with sleek, modern design.

How to Install Floating Nightstand

Installing a floating nightstand is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your bedroom. Here’s a simple guide to get you started:
Tools and Materials Needed:
– Drill
– Level
– Stud finder (optional)
– Screws and wall anchors (usually provided with the nightstand)
– Pencil for marking
– Measuring tape

  1. Choose the Location

    Decide where you want to place the nightstand. Consider the height of your bed and the ease of reaching the nightstand while lying down. A good rule of thumb is to align the top of the nightstand with the top of your mattress.

  2. Locate the Studs

    Use a stud finder to locate the studs in your wall. Floating nightstands are best supported by studs, but if that’s not possible, ensure you have the right wall anchors for your wall type (drywall, plaster, etc.).

  3. Mark the Wall

    Once you’ve determined the best position for your nightstand, hold the mounting bracket against the wall, using a level to ensure it’s straight. Mark the drill holes with a pencil.

  4. Drill Holes

    Pre-drill the holes where you marked, according to the size of the screws or wall anchors you’ll be using. If you’re using wall anchors, insert them into the holes.

  5. Attach the Bracket

    Align the mounting bracket with the pre-drilled holes and secure it to the wall using the screws. Ensure it’s tightly fastened and level.

  6. Hang the Nightstand

    With the bracket in place, you can now hang the nightstand. Some models will slide onto the bracket, while others may require additional screws to secure the nightstand to the bracket.

  7. Final Checks

    Double-check that the nightstand is secure and level. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure stability.


In wrapping up, these 11 floating nightstands showcase how you can blend aesthetics with practicality, making the most of your bedroom space. Whether you lean towards a minimalist design or crave something with a bit more personality, there’s a floating nightstand out there to meet your needs. Embrace the clutter-free lifestyle; your perfect bedroom accessory awaits. Happy decorating!


What is a floating night stand?

A floating nightstand is a wall-mounted bedside table that does not touch the floor, creating a sleek, minimalist look while saving space.

What are the benefits of a floating nightstands?

Floating nightstands save floor space, make cleaning easier, offer a modern aesthetic, and can be installed at any height to match your bed or seating, providing versatile storage solutions.

How far should a floating nightstand be from the bed?

A floating nightstand should be close enough to reach comfortably from the bed—typically, about 2 inches from the edge of the bed to avoid bumping into it but within easy arm’s reach.

How much weight can a floating nightstand hold?

The weight capacity of a floating nightstand varies by design and mounting hardware, but most can hold between 15-50 pounds. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications for exact weight limits.

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