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Best Twin Beds for Kids in 2024

Twin beds suit the tiniest members of the family (kids) thanks to their space-saving design and features. Remember that you’ll have to purchase a quality twin mattress to accompany your bed frame. Ideally, the mattress should fit securely and snugly. Some bed frames come with headboards, while others eschew the headboard in favor of a minimalistic setup.

There are plenty of twin beds for kids on the market, and you need to know what to look for to pick the right one. Comfort, price point, style, safety, and storage are some of the important factors you should consider when looking for a small bed. Also, consider where you’ll place the bed in the room and how other furniture will fit.

Let’s briefly discuss these factors before reviewing the twin size bed for kids.

Compare Twin Beds for Kids

Best Space Saving Kids Beds in 2023

Naomi Home Twin Loft Bed With Desk
  • Dimensions: 79"L x 43"W x 41"H
  • Size: Twin
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 180 Pounds
  • SimLife Twin Metal Bed Frame
  • Dimensions: 77.9"L x 36"W x 34.7"H
  • Size: Twin
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 176 Pounds
  • Walker Edison Alexander Wood Twin Loft Bed
  • Dimensions: 78"L x 44"W x 48"H
  • Size: Twin over Twin
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 250 Pounds
  • Dorel Living Milton Junior Twin Loft Bed
  • Dimensions: 78.75"L x 43.25"W x 43"H
  • Size: Twin
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 165 Pounds

  • 5 Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Twin Beds for Kids

    • Comfort. Beds with soft headboards offer a comfortable pad to lean on.
    • Style. You’ll need to consider other furniture in your room to ensure the bed blends in.
    • Safety. Your kid’s safety comes first, and thus you should consider buying a bed with a guard rail. Also, ensure that your child can access the bed and get out with ease
    • Storage. There are beds with underneath storage, making them ideal for small bedrooms.
    • Price. You should consider the cost of the bed. Find the best kid’s bed within your budget range.

    With that in mind, we can now review the top four best twin beds for kids:

    Our Recommendation on Buying Best Beds for Kids

    Choosing the best space-saving kids bed depends on various factors like design, functionality, and durability. Here’s an overview of each option to help determine which might be the best fit:

    1. Naomi Home Twin Loft Bed With Desk: This bed is an excellent choice for those who value multifunctionality. It combines sleeping space with a work area, making it ideal for smaller rooms where space is at a premium. The inclusion of a desk under the loft bed is perfect for homework or crafts, making it a great all-in-one solution.
    2. SimLife Metal Bed Frame Twin Size: For those who prefer simplicity and durability, the SimLife Metal Bed Frame is a strong contender. Its sturdy metal construction ensures longevity, and its sleek design can fit well in any room decor. This bed is a good choice if you’re looking for a basic, no-frills option that prioritizes space-saving.
    3. Walker Edison Alexander Twin Size Bed: This bed stands out for its stylish design and solid construction. It’s a versatile choice that can easily adapt to various bedroom themes. If aesthetics and adaptability are high on your list, the Walker Edison Alexander bed could be the best option.
    4. Dorel Living Milton Junior Twin Loft Bed: The Dorel Living Milton is perfect for those who need a compact solution. Its loft design frees up floor space, allowing for additional storage or play area underneath. This bed is particularly suitable for very small spaces and for parents looking to maximize every inch of the room.

    Each bed has its unique advantages, and the best choice will depend on your specific needs, the size of the room, and your child’s preferences. Whether you’re looking for a bed with added functionality, a durable and straightforward design, a stylish addition to the room, or a compact space-saving solution, one of these options is likely to meet your requirements.

    4 Best Twin Beds for Kids

    1. Naomi Home Twin Loft Bed With Desk

    • It incorporates a desk, drawers, and dresser all in one package.
    • Available in four different colors.
    • Versatile design.
    • Saves on space.
    • Has guardrails for safety.
    • Durably made.
    • Pretty expensive.
    • Assembling the bed may take sometime.

    If you have a sizeable budget and are looking for a twin loft bed with desk that will offer the most value for your money, this ultra-modern twin-sized lofted bed frame is all you need. It takes space efficiency, functionality, and storage to a whole new level. In addition to having a lofted twin bed frame, this model also comes equipped with a dresser, a desk, and a bookcase, all bundled into one.

    The dresser is made to fit below the bedroom, and the bookcase is fixated at one end of the bed, thereby providing room for extra drawers and two shelves in the bed frame. All these things are bundled together in one uniquely-designed frame.

    The desk pulls out and tucks inside the bed when not in use, thereby saving space and offering more efficiency when your kid wants to do their homework.

    The entire structure is quite sturdy, and the bed feature rails along its edges to keep your kid from rolling off the bed when asleep.

    2. SimLife Twin Metal Bed Frame

    • Assembling the bed is easy.
    • It offers room for your kid to grow with it.
    • It leaves plenty of storage space underneath.
    • Noise-free.
    • It can hold up to 176lbs and is thus suitable for most kids.
    • Mattresses, sheets, pillows, and beddings are not included.

    If you’re the kind who likes the classic look, this twin metal bed frame may appeal to you. It can grow with your kid, thanks to its supportive structure. The bed can support standard twin mattresses, and its strong steel frame allows it to hold up to 176 pounds. 

    With six legs instead of the usual four, you can expect this bed to have extra stability, thereby guaranteeing extra safety for your kid as they sleep and jump on it.

    It’s solidly made, and thus will not squeak when your child turns over. The paint is quality and helps to prevent the bed from rusting. You have a choice of color between white, black, and brown color, meaning that you’ll have something that suits your kid’s room.

    The bed is about 13 inches off the ground, meaning you have enough space to store things underneath it and a height that will enable you to add a decorative bed skirt.

    Assembling the bed is relatively straightforward, meaning you’ll not need technical knowledge to put everything in its proper place.

    3. Walker Edison Alexander Wood Twin Loft Bed

    • Has integrated guardrails and ladder.
    • Solid and durable frame.
    • Available in different color options.
    • Leaves sizeable room underneath for storing toys and bins.
    • Easy assembly process.
    • It may not support all twin mattresses.

    Wood twin loft beds are the classical type of beds that we know and have stood the test of time thanks to their durability and aesthetically-appealing design. It has a twin-size design made of solid, hardwood material and is thus durable.

    It can support up to 200 pounds, and thus your child can grow with you into adolescence. With integrated guardrails and ladder, you can rest assured that your kid’s safety is taken care of as they sleep and climb in and out of bed.

    You don’t need box springs, but you can use a Bunkie board. While this twin bed frame can hold most twin-sized mattresses, it is better off with mattresses of thickness between 5 and 9 inches.

    You can go with the classic bunk bed or triple bunk bed option for those with more than one child sharing a room. The bed is available in several colors, including espresso brown, walnut brown, white, and gray.

    4. Dorel Living Milton Junior Twin Loft Bed

    • Offers ample underneath space for storage.
    • Has a wooden, classic design.
    • Safe for your kid.
    • Easy assembly.
    • Several users raised issues with durability.

    One main advantage of having lofted bed frames is providing extra storage space underneath them. Also, kids enjoy climbing in and out, especially during playtime.

    This twin loft bed by Dorel Living Milton not only allows your kid to play safely but also gives them a safe night’s sleep thanks to the full-length guardrail and horizontal paneling that keep them from rolling out of their bed.

    The stepladder is built-in to prevent instances of your kids sliding out underneath as they climb up and down the bed. Its wooden construction is sturdy and can hold a weight limit of 165 pounds.

    The support slats eliminate the need to add a box spring. Make sure the mattress you buy does not exceed six inches thick. It has an under-the-bed clearance of up to 26.75 inches, which means your kid will have plenty of room to store and play with their toys.

    Overall these four beds are suitable for people with small bedrooms. Get one today!

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