5 Best Small Square Glass Coffee Tables

Best Square Glass Coffee Tables for Small Space

Coffee tables serve many purposes, including a drink holder, footrest, emergency dining table, homework perch, and a display area of your décor items or books. Even so, tables can make the room feel cluttered depending on the material, shape, and where you place it. A square glass coffee tables comes in handy, especially if you have limited space.

Glass creates an optical illusion by contrasting with heavy fabrics in your space. It is also easy to style and blends well with various décor styles. Most glass coffee tables are also easy to clean. 

A glass square coffee table delivers clean edges sleek design and gives the room a stylish look. It makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Let us look at the best small square glass coffee tables in the market today.

Compare Square Glass Coffee Tables

Signature Design By Ashley Coffee Table
  • Dimensions: 34.13"D x 34.13"W x 16.38"H
  • Item Weight: 56 Pounds
  • Material: ‎Nickel, Glass
  • SAYGOER Small Square Glass Coffee Table
  • Dimensions: 26.7"D x 26.7"W x 15.7"H
  • Item Weight: 25.8 pounds
  • Material: ‎Alloy Steel, Glass
  • Henn & Hart Coffee Table
  • Dimensions: ‎32"D x 32"W x 17"H
  • Item Weight: ‎52.5 Pounds
  • Material: ‎Blackened Bronze, Glass
  • Joe Eagle Nikki 2 Tier Glass Coffee Table
  • Dimensions: ‎19.7"D x 19.7"W x 19"H
  • Item Weight: ‎17.5 pounds
  • Material: ‎Metal, Glass
  • Studio Design Glass Square Table
  • Dimensions: ‎24"D x 25"W x 22"H
  • Item Weight: ‎38 Pounds
  • Material: ‎Metal, Glass

  • Our Recommendation on Buying Best Square Glass Coffee Table

    Choosing the best square glass coffee table involves balancing design, functionality, and space efficiency. Here’s a brief overview of what each option brings to the table:

    1. Signature Design by Ashley Coylin: Its contemporary look and brushed nickel finish make it a standout piece for modern decor lovers seeking durability and style.
    2. SAYGOER Small Square Glass Coffee Table: Perfect for very small spaces, its minimalist design maximizes the feeling of openness, making it ideal for those who want to keep their space looking airy and uncluttered.
    3. Henn & Hart Hera Square Coffee Table: This table’s sleek design and geometric metal base blend elegance with a touch of industrial charm, suitable for a variety of decor styles.
    4. Joe Eagle Nikki 2-Tier Glass Table: Offering additional storage space on a lower shelf, this table is both stylish and practical, great for those needing extra room for their essentials.
    5. Studio Designs Square Glass Coffee Table: A modern piece that combines durability with a clean, contemporary design, perfect for small spaces needing a functional yet stylish focal point.

    In summary, if you’re after a mix of modern design and lasting quality, the Signature Design by Ashley Coylin table stands out. However, for tight spaces where a sleek, minimalist look is key, the SAYGOER Small Square Glass Coffee Table offers the perfect solution. Each table is designed with specific needs in mind, making your choice dependent on your personal style and space requirements.

    5 Best Square Glass Coffee Tables

    1. Signature Design By Ashley Coffee Table

    • Features a modern look.
    • Space-saving.
    • It comes with polished edges.
    • It has an elegant finish and an intriguing shape.
    • Not ideal for those looking for an all-glass coffee table.

    If you are keen on getting a clean-lined modern style coffee table, you will not go wrong with this Coylin Square unit by Signature Design by Ashley brand. Its tubal metal frame features a brushed nickel finish giving it an elegant look.

    The Signature Design by Ashley coffee table has a glass top while the edges are polished, making them look refined. Further, it has a chick design with angeled legs that give it a visually striking appearance irrespective of the side you look at the table from.

    Signature Design by Ashley’s square coffee table measures 34.25 inches on both sides at the top and has a height of 16.5 inches. You can also get the coffee table in a smaller cubic design measuring 22 inches. The size of the coffee table makes it a great choice for those looking for small square glass coffee tables. In addition, it occupies minimal space, so you can also get the unit if you have limited space.

    It is easy to assemble and comes with all the hardware and accessories you require.

    2. SAYGOER Small Square Glass Coffee Table

    • Features a minimalistic design.
    • Pretty easy to assemble.
    • It has explosion-proof glass.
    • Ideal for use in different areas, making it versatile.
    • Some accessories may miss in the packaging.

    Measuring 27.6 inches at the top and a height of 15.7 inches, this square glass coffee table is worth considering. The size of the unit makes it pretty versatile as you can use it in the living room and most other areas in your house, both indoors and outdoors. 

    Saygoer coffee table comes with a metallic black matte frame. Its top part is made of 6 mm tempered glass, which is pretty decent. Further, the gray glass is explosion-proof and easy to clean. The table’s design is pretty simple, making it a great choice for those looking for a small minimalistic coffee table.

    It features a simplistic, easy to assemble design that will not take you long to put together. The area below the top glass part is open; you can stretch your legs and don’t need to leave much legroom between your furniture and this small coffee table

    The unit has a weight capacity of 100 pounds, more than most households need for a coffee table. What’s more? It comes with a 1-year warranty which should give you peace of mind.

    3. Henn & Hart Coffee Table

    • It has a mirrored shelf.
    • It has an elegant blackened bronze finish.
    • Versatile.
    • Easy to assemble.
    • Requires delicate care when cleaning.

    Yet another quality small square glass coffee table, we have this unit by Henn & Hart that is nothing short of amazing. It comes with a tempered glass top. This makes it ideal for displaying your decor, magazines, and other decorative items in your space. It also has a mirrored shelf that will serve as storage for display items. Further, the mirror creates an illusion of a larger space.

    Henn & Hart coffee table comes in a neutral chick silhouette. As such, it makes it a great choice for various spaces. Its frame features metallic steel with a darkened bronze finish. The finish gives this coffee table an elegant finish. It measures 32 by 32 by 17 inches, making a compact square coffee table unit.

    It is also easy to clean; you only need a soft and dry cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents and harsh chemicals that may ruin the quality of the coffee table. In terms of assembly, it is easy to put together; you will finish in a few minutes.

    4. Joe Eagle Nikki 2 Tier Glass Coffee Table

    • Has 2-tiers for extra storage.
    • Sturdy construction.
    • It has floor protectors that prevent scratching.
    • It comes with adjustable feet for stability on uneven surfaces.
    • A metallic frame might not be ideal if you have children.

    If you want an extra small square glass coffee table, then you should consider this one by Joe Eagle. It only measures 19.7 inches with a height of 15 inches. With two tiers, it provides enough storage space for even small rooms. Despite its small surface, it can support a weight limit of 55 pounds on each tier, making it have a decent total capacity of 110 pounds.

    The unit’s design is modern and minimalistic, which will enhance the appearance of your space. It features black-silk tempered glass that enhances its modern look. Joe Eagle’s 2 tier glass coffee table is versatile and will blend well in most office and home décor items.

    It is also an easy-to-clean unit. The unit’s metallic frame has a white powder coating giving the unit an elegant look. In addition, it is a sturdy unit that will serve you for a long time. Its feet are adjustable to keep this square glass coffee table stable even if you have an uneven floor. 

    Joe Eagle 2-tier glass coffee table comes in great packaging and has assembly instructions that are easy to follow. You don’t need any hardware tools to put the item together.

    5. Studio Design Glass Square Table

    • It has two tiers.
    • Features floor levers for enhanced stability.
    • Available in two colors.
    • It has tempered glass for safety.
    • Assembly can be challenging.

    This square glass table by Studio Design comes with tempered glass to provide you and your household with safety. The clear glass has an 8 mm thickness which is decent for its price. It has two shelves for enhanced versatility and storage. You can place your magazines, flowers, artistic items, and other things you would like to display on the lower shelf.

    Its frame is made of steel, making it long-lasting. The frame features powder coating. You can choose between gold and pewter color coating. These neutral colors complement most rooms where you are likely to put the coffee table. It has floor levers to keep it stable even on unstable floor surfaces. 

    The 25-inch studio design glass table has two tiers that allow plenty of display and storage. 

    Buyer’s Guide To Choosing The Best Small Square Glass Table

    Buying a coffee table requires you to put a lot into consideration. Even after you have identified that you want a small glass unit, there are other things you still need to consider in your decision-making. Here are the key primary factors to consider when buying the best small square glass table.

    • Height

    A standard coffee table has a height of 17 inches. However, the height you should go for depends on the items you wish to pair it with. For instance, if you will be placing your coffee table next to the sofa, it needs to be within an inch or two the height of the sofa. Such helps you maintain a comfortable eye level in the room. It also makes it easy for you to reach something on the table while sitting on the sofa. 

    • Storage Space

    If you intend to use the coffee table as a display, then you need to choose a unit with at least two tiers. Else, a coffee table with only the upper part will not serve this purpose.

    • Glass Quality

    Small square glass coffee tables come in different types of glass. The safest and most ideal choice is tempered glass. In addition, it should be easy to clean with minimal effort.

    • Ease of Assembly

    Most small square glass coffee tables will require you to assemble them. A unit that comes with detailed assembly instructions makes your work easy and prevents you from damaging the table. In addition, the nest small square glass coffee tables should come with all assembling hardware and accessories. 


    A square coffee table works great with small spaces. Further, choosing a glass square coffee table will help you make your room feel and appear less cramped. Finding the ideal unit requires you to pay attention to other factors such as the quality of the glass, height, ease of cleaning, cost, etc.

    We trust that this guide has helped you narrow down your choices on the best square glass coffee table. From the 5, you will surely find a unit that suits your needs and style.

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