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5 Best Mini Waffle Makers – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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We may not categorize the best waffle makers among the must-have kitchen appliances, but they somehow find their way into this list. During those lazy weekends, when you wake up at midday, a sweet scent of homemade waffles from your neighbor’s kitchen hits you on your bed and gives you uncontrollable cravings for waffles. You sluggishly walk to the kitchen, hoping to make a waffle and remember you don’t have a waffle maker.

And here you are, looking for the best mini waffle maker in the market. The many mini waffle makers in the market, all claiming to be the best, are overwhelming you, and you don’t know which one suits your needs. Well, now you’re here, and we’ll help you spare the trouble of going through thousands of reviews of the best mini waffle markers.

We spent hours analyzing tens of mini waffle makers, reading genuine reviews of customers and checking their features, and five mini waffle makers stood out.

Read on for our process of selecting the best mini waffle makers and our top picks. For the buyer’s guide, scroll further down the page.

Best Mini Waffle Makers Comparison

DASH DMW001AQ Mini Waffles Maker
  • Dimensions: 5"D x 6.4"W x 2.8"H
  • Wattage: 350 watts
  • Included Components: DASH Waffle Mini Maker, Manual
  • Nostalgia MWF5AQ Waffle Maker
  • Dimensions: 6.5"D x 6.75"W x 3.5"H
  • Wattage: 900 watts
  • Included Components: Mini Waffle Maker
  • Car Shape Mini Waffle Maker
  • Dimensions: 9"D x 9"W x 3"H
  • Wattage: 350 watts
  • Included Components: Mini Waffle Maker
  • Burgess Brothers Mini Waffle Maker
  • Dimensions: 9.2"D x 12.2"W x 4.8"H
  • Wattage: 1200 watts
  • Included Components: Mini Waffle Maker
  • Oriental Elife Mini Waffle Maker
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 2 inches
  • Wattage: 350 watts
  • Included Components: Mini Waffle Maker

  • What We Focused On When Analyzing the Mini Waffle Makers

    • Compactness and Sturdiness

    Unless you’re on holiday or run a bed-n-breakfast joint, chances are that you’ll store your waffle iron in your kitchen most days. Therefore, you don’t want something that will occupy a lot of space. Hence, we considered the compactness and sturdiness of the waffle markers.

    • Consistency of performance

    Making the best waffles is the dream of everyone. You don’t want to end up with a limp, floppy waffle that has burnt patches or a waffle with raw spots when your cravings are over the roof. Our choices had many genuine praises from customers for their even-waffling ability.

    • Nonstick surfaces

    A waffle iron with a nonstick surface reduces waffle preparation steps as no greasing is needed and simplifies cleanup. That’s why we focused only on waffle iron with nonstick surfaces that makes perfect waffles.

    • Extra features

    Modern waffles, including the budget-friendly models, have nice extras such as numbered dials to make it easier to adjust degrees of doneness, buzzers, or beeps to notify you when cook time is finished, and removable plates that are dishwasher-safe.

    • Ease of cleaning

    Batter is tough to clean, and it can even be tougher to clean it on a waffle iron considering all the crannies and nooks you’ll have to clean. That’s why you want a waffle with removable dishwasher-safe plates for easy cleaning.

    Here Are The Top 5 Mini waffles That Passed Our Criteria:

    DASH Mini Waffles Maker DMW001AQ

    • The waffle maker comes at a budget-friendly price.
    • It heats up quickly.
    • Very easy to use and clean.
    • Large blue indicator light to notify you when it has preheated well.
    • Compact.
    • Available in a range of fashionable colors.
    • Durable.
    • Nonstick cooking surfaces.
    • It makes perfectly browned mini waffles.
    • A great gift for family and friends.
    • Doesn’t have an adjustable heat setting.
    • Only makes small waffles.

    In addition to making perfect waffles, this 350-watt mini waffle iron from Dash is available in a wide range of bright colors to match any kitchen décor. You can choose from many fashionable colors such as pink, aqua, black, white, silver, red, etc. The wide range of colors means you can gift it to a friend or family.

    Their stylish and compact design can help elevate your kitchen appearance without taking too much space. The DASH mini waffle maker is solidly built using tempered plastic housing and stainless steel cooking plates. It makes 4-inch waffles that are nicely browned.

    The waffle maker heats up quickly, and customers have praised it for evenly browning the waffles. It delivers fantastic waffles ready for all sorts of savory, sweet, and toppings. You can use it for cooking batches of cute, sweet waffles for your kid’s birthday party or for breakfast for everyone.

    Another impressive thing about this pink mini waffle maker is that it has a noticeable blue indicator light on the top cover to alert you when it has preheated to the right temperature. The nonstick cooking surfaces make it easier to clean this waffle maker.

    It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty from DASH and a recipe book.

    Nostalgia Mini Waffle Maker

    • It’s compact and thus suitable for small counters.
    • Cool-touch handles, so you don’t burn your fingers.
    • Nonstick surface for ease of cleaning.
    • Budget-friendly.
    • It’s cute.
    • Easy-to-use.
    • Doesn’t come with a recipe book.

    This mini waffle maker from Nostalgia is budget-friendly, compact, and cute. It is 6.5 inches long and 3.5 inches high, making it a compact appliance for any small kitchen. It preheats in 1-3 minutes after you plug it in, and the best part is that it prepares waffles to perfection thanks to its dual-cooking surface that’s 5 inches wide.

    Another impressive feature of the Nostalgia mini waffle maker is its nonstick cooking surface that can be wiped clean. This eliminates the hassles of having to deep clean your waffle maker.

    Nostalgia has taken all the safety features. Thanks to the cool-touch handles, you won’t burn your fingers preparing waffles. The handles make it easier to open and close the lid when cooking to see how your waffles are browning.

    The Nostalgia MWF5AQ Waffle Maker is versatile as you can also use it to grill cheese, hashbrowns, French toast, brownies, etc. 

    Cars and Trucks Waffle Maker

    • Makes seven waffles at a go.
    • Waffles have fun car shapes.
    • Nonstick surface for ease of cleaning.
    • Stands upright to save storage space.
    • Has a cord wrap.
    • It can be difficult to remove the waffles after they’ve cooked.
    • The top part remains hot after cooking.

    Our third spot for bet mini waffle maker is reserved for the cars and trucks waffle maker. It has a cool design and will make tasty and fun waffles for boys. Whether you want to make cute, unique waffles for breakfast or you want waffles for your cravings, this mini car waffle maker can fit your needs.

    This standard waffle maker allows you to shape your waffles into different types of vehicles. You can make waffles with different car shapes, including police cars, ambulances, school buses, garbage trucks, pickup trucks, and monster trucks. These shapes will help you thrill even the pickiest eaters.

    The cars waffle maker has a nonstick coating on its cooking surface to make it easy to clean up. In addition, it comes with a cord wrap where you can wrap the dangling cord for ease of storage. It can stand upright to save you more storage space.

    However, this waffle maker only makes a few waffles at a go, meaning that you may want to buy multiple if you want to cook for a crowd. A few customers also mentioned that it can be hard to scoop out the waffles, and thus you may need to use nonstick spray to get the cars out smoothly.

    The machine can also get too hot after cooking. Therefore, keep it out of reach of small kids, especially because they love fighting about who gets the first waffle from the waffle iron.

    Burgess Brothers Mini Waffle Maker

    • It can prepare four waffles at a go.
    • Has a compact design.
    • Outer housing won’t burn your hands.
    • Has a nonstick coating for ease of cleaning.
    • Great for a small family.
    • Heat plates are not removable.
    • It’s pricier than other models on this list.

    The Burgess Brothers Mini Waffle Maker can cook up to four mini waffles simultaneously. If you have a small family, this mini waffle maker will suit your waffle needs anytime. It makes mini waffles that are three inches in diameter.

    Although its heat plates are not removable, they have a nonstick surface for easier cleanup. Customers were able to remove cooked waffles without using any nonstick spray.

    The Burgess Brothers 4 mini waffle maker heats up instantly to give you evenly browned waffles. It has a built-in indicator that signals you to start cooking.

    If you dream of making waffles for your family at home, this mini waffle maker from the Burgess Brothers is worth a purchase. The appliance is portable and can be used for vacations, camps, dorms, and more.

    Oriental Elife Mini Waffle Maker

    • Plastic cover handles make closing and opening the lid safe.
    • It has a lightweight and compact design for easy transportation and storage.
    • Nonstick cooking surface to make waffles evenly browned.
    • It has a cute design and thus will look great on your kitchen counters.
    • Heating time is not specified, although some users say it heats up fast.

    With this mini waffle maker, you can now stir up waffles of different kinds including biscuit pizzas, potato pancakes, and more to satisfy your breakfast cravings.

    It takes a short time to heat up with 350 watts of power and features a green light indicator to alert you to start cooking.

    The mini waffle maker also comes with a double nonstick cooking surface that cooks evenly to offer amazing results. The nonstick cooking surface makes cleaning this waffle maker a breeze.

    It has a compact design for ease of storage and a lightweight structure that makes it easier to travel.

    Moreover, it has a cute design that makes it a perfect gift for weddings and birthdays.

    Buyer’s Guide – What You Should Consider When Purchasing the Best Mini Waffle Makers

    Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when buying the best waffle makers:

    • Design

    The design is the overall appearance of the machine. You’d like to purchase an appliance that blends flawlessly with your kitchen décor. In addition, it should perfectly fit your counter and storage area. Finally, you’d want a waffle that’s easy to use.

    • Functions

    Another important factor to keep in mind is the functionality of the machine that you’re buying. A good waffle has different functions, such as heat settings and light indicators, to make cooking waffles easier. In addition, it would be great to go for a versatile appliance that makes waffles of different kinds.

    • Number of waffles

    Most of the mini waffles make between one and four waffles. If you have a small family, you’ll need to get a waffle maker that can prepare at least two waffles at a go. However, if you live alone, you could get an appliance that makes one waffle at a go. Therefore, choose one that best suits your needs.

    • Ease of use

    The best mini waffle iron should be easy to use. The controls should be easy to understand, and the appliance should come with a user manual and a recipe book.

    • Browning levels

    Some people like their waffles darker and crispier, while others like lighter waffles. Temperature settings determine browning levels. Therefore, it’s good to go for a waffle maker with temperature controls to give you the browning levels you prefer.

    • Ease of cleaning

    You’ll want to ensure the machine you go for is easy to clean and maintain. If you get an appliance that’s difficult to clean, you’ll not want to use it often. The best mini waffle makers should have nonstick plates to make cleaning hassle-free. In addition, some have a removable drip tray to collect cluttered batter for easy cleaning.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Waffle Makers

    Should mini waffle makers have nonstick surfaces?

    Yes. Mini waffle makers should have nonstick surfaces to ensure shape consistency and make cleaning easier.

    Do mini waffle makers have high wattage?

    The wattage depends on the brand you choose. However, most of the mini waffles won’t consume a lot of electricity. The ones we have in this guide are energy efficient.

    How long does it take for a mini waffle maker to heat up?

    Most models in this guide take 1-5 minutes to heat up. The light indicator should notify you when the heating plates are well heated so you can start pouring the batter.


    The days of having boring breakfasts are long gone. With the above best mini waffle makers, you’re sure to have an enjoyable breakfast.

    All the waffle makers in this guide have received plenty of positive reviews for their performance, ease of cleaning, and compactness, and thus we’re confident they’ll serve you well. Pick one and start enjoying homemade waffles.