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5 Best Mini Bars for Small Spaces

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Just because you live in an apartment or small room doesn’t mean you can’t have a mini bars. Small space mini bar at home is a smaller version of models you find in expansive homes but still offers the same functionality as expansive bar cabinets.

With plenty of room for storing liquor and wine bottles, a lovely finish, and spaces for keeping accessories, you can easily have a mini bar in your apartment. If you’re looking for the best mini bar for your room or you’re just looking for mini bar ideas for small spaces, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we discuss the top five best mini bars for small spaces.

Compare Small Mini Bars

COASTER CO-101066 Bar Unit
  • ‎Dimensions: 41 x 20 x 50.75 inches
  • ‎Special Feature: Storage
  • Material: Hardwood, Glass
  • Home Source Corner Bar Unit
  • ‎Dimensions: 23.62"D x 31.5"W x 72"H
  • ‎Special Feature: Corner liquor cabinet
  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Boahaus Corner Bar
  • ‎Dimensions: 20.87"D x 38.39"W x 7.48"H
  • ‎Special Feature: Glass Door
  • Material: Engineered Wood, Melamine Veneer
  • Mango Steam Contemporary Bar Cabinet
  • ‎Dimensions: 13.6"D x 47"W x 41"H
  • ‎Special Feature: Space Saving, Easy Assembly
  • Material: Chrome Plated Steel, Glass
  • JBBCN Bar Cart for The Home
  • ‎Dimensions: ‎29.75"D x 13.6"W x 32.25"H
  • ‎Special Feature: Space Saving
  • Material: Wood, Metal

  • Our Recommendation on Buying Space Saving Mini Bar

    Choosing the best option among the listed mini bars for small spaces depends on various factors including design, functionality, size, and personal preference. Here’s a brief overview of each to help you decide:

    1. COASTER CO-101066 Bar Unit:

    • Ideal for modern spaces with its sleek design. Offers a contemporary look with ample storage and display space. It’s a great choice if you prefer a stylish, stand-out piece.

    2. Home Source Corner Bar Unit:

    • Perfect for maximizing corner spaces. This unit combines functionality with an elegant design, making it suitable for both storage and display. It’s ideal if your space has limited floor area but you still want a full-feature bar.

    3. Boahaus Corner Bar:

    • Another great option for corner spaces. It tends to be more compact, offering a discrete yet functional solution. If you’re looking for a bar that blends into your room’s decor while providing essential storage, this could be the best choice.

    4. Mango Steam Contemporary Bar Cabinet:

    • This cabinet offers a modern, minimalist design. It’s suitable for those who prefer a clean, uncluttered look but still need ample storage. It’s great for smaller spaces due to its compact footprint.

    5. JBBCN Bar Cart for The Home:

    • Ideal for those who prefer mobility. It’s a versatile option that can be moved around as needed. If you entertain in different areas of your home or enjoy the flexibility of a movable bar, this could be the best pick.

    To determine the best choice, consider the specific constraints and style preferences of your space, as well as how you plan to use the bar. For instance, if space-saving is a top priority, a corner unit like the Home Source or Boahaus might be ideal. For a more contemporary, mobile solution, the JBBCN Bar Cart would be preferable. Each option has its unique advantages, so the best choice will align with your individual needs and taste.

    5 Best Bars for Small Space

    1. COASTER Bar Unit CO-101066

    • It’s sturdy and stable.
    • It can hold up to 6 glasses.
    • Has elegant appearance.
    • Spacious storage area.
    • Contemporary flair.
    • Assembling can take time.

    This corner bar cabinet unit is made out of metal, particleboard, PVC veneer, glass, and acrylic, and thus will look stylish in your apartment. It comes in three finish colors, including chrome and clear, and silver, to give you a chance to choose the options that suit you better. This durable unit can hold 88lbs on the top shelf and 44-66lbs on the lower glass and wood shelves.

    The Coaster bar unit features three glass holders and can hold up to six drinking glasses. It has a curved silhouette making it easier to fit different room layouts. It has plenty of surface area to allow you to mix drinks. The prep space can hold tons of stemware, bar accessories, and cocktail ingredients. The gleaming chrome finish completes its look, making it ideal for any living space.

    2. Home Source Corner Bar Unit

    • Contemporary design.
    • Beautiful appearance thanks to see-through doors.
    • Multipurpose as you can use it to serve coffee and fast foods.
    • Ample storage space.
    • Easy assembly as all tools are included.
    • Limited counter space.

    If you’re in search of a corner bar unit that offers plenty of counter space and a wine rack for storing drink storage, the Home Source corner bar unit is worth consideration. This unit has two interior shelves and a wine rack on the top part, which means you can store plenty of wine and beer bottles. The unit is ideal for keeping in a living room or kitchen. With this unit, you can store all your favorite drinks.

    Another outstanding feature of this corner bar unit from Home Source is that it’s easy to assemble, and all the tools needed for installation are provided. And although it’s made in China, it’s quality and durable. It’s available in different colors, including white, black, grey, and mahogany. All these finishes suit any home with a contemporary design.

    Its excellent features such as wine storage, rack for glasses, counter space, see-through doors, two internal shelves for storage, and an open base cabinet make it standout

    3. Boahaus Corner Bar

    • Has ample storage.
    • It’s budget-friendly.
    • Lightweight.
    • It needs some steep assembly.

    This is the best mini bar for those on a budget. It has a versatile design to fit any apartment. It’s compact and lightweight and has many storage compartments.

    The Boahaus Corner Bar comes in an elegant, aesthetic look. The refined wood entrenched with melamine covering makes it ideal for any design, including a vintage look.

    It holds multiple wine bottles racks where you can keep with some assemblies and wine bottles. It also has a glass rack that can accommodate your wine glasses and features a compartment to store your glasses. In addition, it also features a clear compartment where you can keep your coolers, such as drink shakers. This corner bar has a unique design that can fit any room.

    4. Mango Steam Contemporary Glass Bar

    • It has a contemporary design.
    • Spacious and thus can hold a variety of accessories and drinks.
    • Affordable.
    • It’s stable.
    • It may not be suitable for people in overly small rooms.
    • Sticky instruction letters on the surface are hard to remove.

    This is among the most reliable and affordable corner bar cabinets. Not only does it offer all the basics any décor enthusiast can expect from a high-end corner glass bar, but it is also quality. We can recommend it to people on a tight budget.

    When fully assembled, the unit looks stylish and offers ample space to stash your accessories and wine on the tempered glass shelves.

    This home liquor bar cabinet features front guard rails to prevent accidental spills and bottle breakage.

    It has four front stands and two at the back to ensure maximum stability. The glass shelves have over one-foot depth, and assembling the unit is relatively easy.

    5. JBBCN Mini Bar Cart for The Home

    • Contemporary design thanks to its metallic frame.
    • Ample storage space thanks to the 6-wine glasses holder and seven compartments.
    • Multipurpose as it can be used as a bar unit and a coffee cart. Also, you can use it as a focal point in your house.
    • Easy to assemble.
    • Easy to maneuver thanks to.
    • Lacks hooks for tissues.

    The JBBCN mini bar cart has a mixture of vintage feel and modern look thanks to the MDF wood and metal frame that creates an elegant look to complement any room regardless of your style. Another outstanding feature of this unit is that you can quickly move it from one place to another thanks to its locking caster wheels.

    The cart has a modest size, measuring 28.43 by 12.68 by 35.7 inches making it ideal for small spaces and even corners of a room.

    The mini bar cart is a multipurpose piece graced with a metal frame and is available in glass or wood shelves and racks on the 2nd tier that can hold up to six wine glasses. The top part allows one to set drinks and snacks.

    Overall, this unit can serve as a bar cart, mini bar, as well as a focal point in any room.


    You don’t need ample space to enjoy those indoors weekends or parties as the above mini bars are ideal for small spaces. Not only are they space-saving, but also functional.

    You can order any of the above units to set up a small space mini bar at home.