Tomersun 4 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fireplace Fan for Home Wood Log Burning Fireplace Circulating Warm Air Saving Fuel… Price: $19.82 (as of 29/11/2020 10:22 PST- Details)

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How Does the Stove Fan Work?

The stove fan works by using the heat from your wood stove to drive the stove fan blades making for a simple and elegant solution to your issues with heating. The stove fan makes use of a Thermoelectric Power Generator.
The heat is moved from a hot area to the cold metal fan blades resulting in an electric current. This energy that is produced powers a rotary motor that spin the blades to move air. The stove fan is very reliable and has no need for any other source of energy.
The base of the stove fan heats up, there’s a motor here, which is powered by the heat that’s created from your stove. So the fan sits directly on the top of the stove and as soon as it hits a certain temperature, the motor starts working, the stove fan will spin faster when it’s hotter.

Which type of stove does the stove fan work with?

No matter which stove you have: gas, electric, pellet stove or wood burning stove, catalytic and non-catalytic, stove fans will work well.

About Tomersun 4-blade Heat Powered Stove Fan
Material: Anodized aluminum
Net weight: 525g
Shipping weight:770g
Base size: 7.1*10cm
Overall Size: 16W*12D*21Hcm
Air Flow: 150~180CFM
Operating temperature:85°C – 350°C(185°F – 660°F)

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Necessary Fireplace Accessories- the stove fan is widely used for gas, electric, pellet stove or wood burning stove, stove fans will work well and disperse hot air efficiently. wood stove fireplace fan
Eco Friendly-The stove fan is powered by heat from your fireplace or wood burning stove, no batteries or electricity required. The hotter the stove is, the faster the stove fan spins. wood stove fireplace fan
Silent Operation- The only moving part of the stove fan is the blades assembly, so the working noise is below 25DB, very quiet. You even do not know the stove fan is there, but you will feel the warmth well. wood stove fireplace fan
Operating Temperature- The general working temperature of the stove fan is 85°C – 350°C(185°F – 660°F). Usually the fan gets spinning at about 55°C, and turns most efficiently when the temperature reaches about 250°C-300°C. wood stove fireplace fan
Overheating Protection-The In-built Bi-metallic strip at the base of the stove fan is designed to raise the edge of the fan slightly as the maximum operating temperature is approached to protect the motor and the thermoelectric module. wood stove fireplace fan

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