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  • Ball & Cast Black And White Coffee Table

    1. Versatile: Sofa table, coffee table, or snack table.
    2. High-Quality: MDF with melamine veneer and stable metal frame.
    3. Chic Design: Black and white mix with a semi-circular shape.
    4. Space-Efficient: Nesting design for maximizing space.
    5. Protective: Adjustable footpads and design to prevent knee injury.
    6. Easy Assembly: Simple instructions for quick setup.
    7. Dimensions: Large – 23.6″Dia x 18″H, Small – 17.75″Dia x 16″H.

  • Ottimo Vintage Marble Bookends

    1. Premium Handcrafted Quality: Made from some of the world’s finest natural marble.
    2. Unique Marble Variants: Specially selected marble directly from the quarry, featuring unique veining and crystal-like characteristics.
    3. Bigger Size for Better Aesthetics: Taller and more substantial than most other stone bookends.
    4. Heavy-Duty Support: Weighs approximately 8.8 lbs and can hold even the heaviest of books securely.
    5. Anti-Slip Pads: Equipped with premium silicone stoppers to prevent sliding.
    6. Versatile Use: Ideal for home, office, or kitchen, and can support books, DVDs, and vinyl records.
    7. Exceptional Finish: Polished with Italian Grade polish for an extraordinary shine.
    8. Great Gift Idea: Elegant design makes it a perfect gift for book lovers and decor enthusiasts.