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7 Best Recliners for Small Spaces In 2023

After a long day of work, there’s nothing better than sinking into the comfy cushions of a plush recliner. If you love the feeling of a recliner but think your space might be the issue, new-age recliners for small spaces are more compact to fit into most contemporary homes. Featuring handmade frames, high-density foam, plush upholstery, down filling, and more impressive features, today’s recliners are just comfy, durable, and affordable.

If you’re looking for high-quality recliners for your small apartment, below are the best recliners for small spaces for every style and budget. Our list is based on customer ratings and comments as well as expert recommendations.

Read on to discover your options.

Best Recliners for Small Spaces Comparison

GDFStudio Mason Mid-Century Tuft Back Recliner
  • Dimensions: 34.25"D x 27.25"W x 38"H
  • Special Feature: Arm Rest, Cushion Availability
  • Maximum recommended load: 300 Pounds
  • Westeros Traditional Wingback Recliner
  • Dimensions: ‎33.25"D x 26.5"W x 40"H
  • Special Feature: Arm Rest, Wing Back
  • Maximum recommended load: 300 Pounds
  • Jeffrey Dark Blue Fabric Recliner Club Chair
  • Dimensions: ‎‎34.75"D x 27"W x 36.25"H
  • Special Feature: ‎Arm Rest, Cushion Availability
  • Maximum recommended load: ‎250 Pounds
  • Great Deal Furniture Lucas Recliner Club Chair
  • Dimensions: ‎‎‎34"D x 26.75"W x 36.25"H
  • Special Feature: ‎Arm Rest, Cushion Availability
  • Maximum recommended load: ‎275 Pounds
  • Christopher Knight Mason Century Tuft Back Recliner
  • Dimensions: ‎‎34.25"D x 27.25"W x 38"H
  • Special Feature: ‎Arm Rest, Cushion Availability
  • Maximum recommended load: ‎300 Pounds
  • GDFStudio Macedonia Fabric Recliner
  • Dimensions: ‎‎34.25"D x 27.25"W x 38"H
  • Special Feature: ‎Arm Rest, Cushion Availability
  • Maximum recommended load: ‎300 Pounds
  • Christopher Knight Home Walter Fabric Recliner
  • Dimensions: ‎‎28"D x 34.75"W x 41.2"H
  • Special Feature: ‎Arm Rest, Cushion Availability
  • Maximum recommended load: ‎250 Pounds

  • GDFStudio Mason Mid-Century Tuft Back Recliner

    • Looks super chic and stylish.
    • The frame is durable.
    • Comes with different color polyester.
    • Suitable for small spaces.
    • The chair lacks a lever, so you need to lean back to reach the recliner.

    Love the mid-century modern style? No one thought that such a super chic mid-century armchair could be affordable. Fortunately, this recliner from GDFStudio is super stylish, and you only spend a small price on it.

    The mid century recliner chair has a 100% polyester fabric that looks classy and is stain-resistant. The clean lines and smooth finish is relaxing, with several neutral colors to choose from. Available colors include Fabric/Red, Fabric/Mutet Yellow, Fabric/Muted Purple, and Microfiber/State.

    Its birch wood frame has extra padded foam for additional comfort and can be upholstered in a variety of colors, meaning you can match it with the style of your décor. The tufted back of this chair makes it look more premium than it really is. Many users love the comfort you get, allowing you to sit for longer periods.

    GDFStudio designed this chair for smaller spaces with dimensions of 27.25″ W X 34.25″ d X 38″, so it’s easy to tuck it into a corner. It’s also a great recliner to pair with a second chair in your den.

    Westeros Traditional Reclining Wingback Chair

    • It’s decently priced.
    • The covering and extra padding feels nice.
    • It’s aesthetically pleasing.
    • Instructions on assembly are not clear.

    Are you looking for tons of cushioning and back support in a recliner? The Westeros Wingback recliner boasts an extra-padded cushioning that delivers a great deal of comfort to the user. In addition, its smooth lines are stylish and can work with the décor of any room, including a soft color pallet. Most users love its traditional design that works with most spaces.

    Westeros Traditional reclining wingback chair comes with a studded border along the sides, adding a posh touch. You will also appreciate the sturdy birch legs that have a dark-wood finish that looks stylish.

    Moreover, the fabric cover used on this recliner is durable with an ultra-soft and plush feel for a home with little ones. Assembly is also easy because it involves screwing the legs and siding the back into the cushion.

    Jeffrey Dark Blue Fabric Recliner Club Chair

    • Textile upholstery looks classy.
    • It’s easy to assemble.
    • It’s lightweight.
    • It has a foot extension for easy reclining.
    • The legs are rigid and can scratch the floor.

    With overall dimensions of 27″ x 36.25 x 34.75 inches, this recliner club chair will blend seamlessly in restricted areas. The low-profile designed chair also features a reasonable seating space, so it’s a win for you. You will get all the tools you need to assemble this recliner, and it comes with instructions on how to go about it. Once you assemble it, you realize it’s super light at about 64 pounds, so you can move from one place.

    The textile upholstery feels plush and looks elegant to add to your space. Users seem to like the dark blue shade because it’s rare. The feet and frames are also made strong, so the chair should last for a long time.

    The reclining capabilities of the Jeffrey Recliner chair are impressive because you can recline with ease. Many users agree that the recliner has a near-perfect alignment for the ideal posture. The foot extension is an excellent addition for convenience.

    Great Deal Furniture Lucas Brown Leather Recliner

    • It fits nicely in restricted areas.
    • It’s easy to assemble.
    • The frame and feet are long-lasting.
    • Looks great in living rooms and offices.
    • It may not be ideal for tall people because the head might go out of the chair upon recline.

     If you’re looking for a leather recliner for your living room or office, the Great Deal Furniture recliner is the ultimate “professor’s chair.” Its clean lines look superb, and the fact that they evolve into piped edges gives it a classic feel. The design is low profile, making this brown leather recliner a perfect option to tuck into your reading corner.

    The tapered legs are not only great-looking but also make the chair extremely durable. Assembly is straightforward because you just screw the legs and attach the back to the latches before smoothing out the Velcro flap. It should take roughly ten minutes.

    The seat and backrest have adequate cushioning, and the armrests feel comfy. The fashionable leather upholstery is high quality and looks premium in the living room.

    Christopher Knight Mason Century Tuft Back Recliner

    • The polyester material looks and feels great.
    • It has an extra padded cushion.
    • It’s easy to assemble.
    • No power is needed because it’s manually controlled.
    • It lacks a lever, so you need to move back against the effort of the chair to attain an optimal position.

    The Christopher Knight looks like a regular armchair but can be manually controlled to a leaned back position. Once you sit on this chair, you’ll be impressed by how easy the design offers the optimal position. Its dual-foot extension allows you to rest the feet. 

    The recliner features a tufted button fabric at the backrest and additional padding to maximize comfort. Many users love the look and feel and the colors that bring attention to themselves without being too conspicuous. However, the chair may only be ideal for short people due to the head support. Tall people may not get adequate headrest.

    Assembly is easy and ideal for those who want simple designs over complicated ones. The mid-century design gives it a unique appearance and can fit in any décor. Better yet, it’s easy to move the Christopher Knight recliner from one place to another because it weighs about fifty-seven pounds. The polyester material fabric is stain-resistant and can last for a long time. 

    GDFStudio Macedonia Fabric Recliner

    • Quality fabric that makes it long-lasting.
    • It has a compact design and lightweight.
    • It’s great looking.
    • Comfortable and convenient.
    • Some customers complain the seatback is a bit stiff.

    The GDFStudio Macedonia is a mid-century recliner from a reputable brand and a magnificent addition to any room. The smooth finish and the clean lines make this chair versatile because it looks stylish no matter the décor.

    Many users appreciate the comfort you get here and the smooth finish that’s easy to clean and maintain. The frame and legs are made of birch wood to make the build strong, and long-lasting. The dimensions are 34.25″ D x 27.25″ W x 38″ H, ideal for tight spaces. It weighs about 69 lbs., so you should move it from place to place.

    The GDFStuidio Macedonia mid century modern recliner is the best place to relax after a long exhausting day with an extra padded cushion and a slightly tufted back. The kind of relaxation the chair offers is something one would die for. Plus, the product comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that matches your space. 

    Christopher Knight Home Walter Fabric Recliner

    • Features an Elegant Design.
    • Stable and robust for sufficient support.
    • It is comfortable and convenient.
    • It has a quality construction.
    • Doesn’t support back recline.

    This modern recliner features a dimension of 34.75 D x 28.0 W x 41.25 H inches which is quite a suitable size for rooms with small spaces. The chair has a two-in-one design which makes it both a regular and stressless recliner for any room.

    In addition, Christopher Knight Walter accent recliner chair is perfect for relaxing, thanks to the tufted back that provides ultimate comfort. Besides, the armrests and seats offer an extra cushion ideal for a reading nook. 

    The legs feature a birch frame construction that offers all the stability and support you need. Cristopher Knight designed this chair with 100% polyester, which is easy to clean and maintain. Simply put, the unit offers a durable build and should last for many years to come. 

    This mid-century recliner comes in numerous color options: grey, muted green, light grey, muted orange, red, muted red, orange, slate, wheat, dark blue, and cream. 

    Wrap up

    If you are interested in recliner chairs, but space is a problem, this list should help you get what you want. These chairs are compact, cozy, and will add more color to your living space. Besides, our choices provide an excellent value for money if you need the best recliners for small spaces for the money.

    Hopefully, this guide helps you choose the best recliners for small spaces for your needs.

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