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Best Mini Rice Cooker: 5 Best Options

Many homeowners appreciate the rice cooker for its fast cooking, considering this demanding and busy lifestyle. There’s no time to cook rice the traditional way – boiling in a pot. A rice cooker allows you to cook healthy meals without worrying about spending all the time in the kitchen.

Most rice cookers offer very simple operations, and you just wait for minutes for your food to be ready. Apart from saving your time, a rice cooker will eliminate the feeling that cooking is such a hassle. It has never been easier.

This guide is for busy individuals, small households, and students who need a small rice cooker that can fit in your squeezed countertop. However, you need to choose between different models with different sizes, shapes, and features.

We have reviewed the best mini rice cooker based on experts recommendations and customer reviews.

Compare Best Mini Rice Cookers

Panasonic SR-3NAL Rice & Multi-Cooker
  • Dimensions: 5.91"D x 7.68"W x 7.09"H
  • Capacity: 1.5 Gallons
  • Wattage: 200 watts
  • Black + Decker 3-cup Uncooked Rice Cooker
  • Dimensions: 5.5"D x 10"W x 9"H
  • Capacity: 1.5 Gallons
  • Wattage: 200 watts
  • DCIGNA 1.2L Mini Rice Cooker
  • Dimensions: 6.8"D x 6.8"W x 7.9"H
  • Capacity: 0.3 Gallons
  • Wattage: 200 watts
  • Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB Micom Rice Cooker
  • Dimensions: 11.8"D x 9.1"W x 7.5"H
  • Capacity: 0.2 Gallons
  • Wattage: 450 watts
  • Aroma Housewares MI 3-cup Mini Rice Cooker
  • Dimensions: 6.75 x 6.25 x 7.25 inches
  • Capacity: 0.1 Gallons
  • Wattage: 230 watts

  • 5 Best Mini Rice Cookers

    1. Panasonic SR-3NAL Rice & Multi-Cooker

    • It’s compact and easy to use.
    • The handles and knobs are cool to touch.
    • Comes with a keep warm feature.
    • See-through glass lid.
    • Lacks a keep-warm function.

    If you just need something simple and functional, the Panasonic rice cooker can give you 3 cups of fluffy cooked rice. This makes it ideal for singles, couples, and small families of 3 members. Measured to perfection, the Panasonic SR-3NAL Automatic rice cooker is designed with a unique technology called fuzzy logic to ensure your rice comes out perfect every time.

    The nonstick aluminum coating is easy to clean and distributes heat evenly for better results. The lid is glass to give you a view of the cooking, and the plastic knob is safe to use. The exterior handles are cool, so it’s easy to transfer the cooker from the stovetop to the counter.

    In addition to the cooker, you also get accessories such as a measuring cup to make your work easier. You can measure your water with the measuring lines that come with the inner pan, or you could use the measuring cup instead. Using this Panasonic rice cooker 3 cup is straightforward, using one automatic switch.

    There’s an automatic shut-off function when the rice is cooked. The power cord is retractable, so it’s easy to store it away when not in use.

    2. Black + Decker 3-cup Rice Cooker

    • It has an automatic keep-warm function.
    • The rice pot is nonstick and dishwasher safe.
    • Has indicator lights to show when the unit is cooking rice.
    • Has an excellent price tag.
    • The bottom tends to burn slightly.

    The Black + Decker cooker is great for preparing a dinner for two, featuring a 1.5 cup capacity that will yield 3 cups of tasty cooked rice. The small rice cooker has a removable nonstick rice pot that’s easy to clean in a dishwasher. Other dishwasher-safe parts include the glass lid and other plastic accessories.

    The machine switches to the keep warm function automatically when the cooking is complete. This is a great feature when you don’t want to eat the rice immediately. The keep-warm mode will keep your food warm for up to 12 hours.

    The measuring cup is included, along with a scooping spoon to make your measuring work easier. The plastic serving spoon ensures no scratches to the nonstick pot. The Black and Decker 3 cup rice cooker is ideal for any rice, including brown rice, sushi rice, mixed rice, and more. It’s among the best 1 cup rice cooker for singles.

    3. DCIGNA 1.2L Mini Rice Cooker

    • It offers great value for money.
    • Simple operation.
    • It’s highly portable with a carry handle.
    • Has a removable lid liner for easier cleanup.
    • It lacks manual instructions.

    The latest model from DCIGNA has a convenient 4-cup cooking capacity, so it’s great for two or three people. Making rice and whole grains in this rice cooker is as easy as placing your ingredients in a bowl and switching it on.

    Once the cooking is complete, the machine will switch to keep warm mode. As for issues with overcooking and overcooking, the mini rice cooker comes with an indicator that alerts you. Apart from rice, you’ll also be able to cook quinoa, oatmeal, soup, steamed veggies, etc.

    The DCIGNA model is among the best portable mini rice cookers with a comfortable handle to take it anywhere, such as your office, camps, or put in your RV for the road trip. It is also ideal for small households, dorms, and studio apartments because it can fit tight spaces.

    Better yet, the machine requires minimal maintenance, so you won’t be spending hours cleaning and maintaining it. Both the measuring cup and paddle are dishwasher safe, and you can easily remove the lid liner for easier cleaning.

    4. Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB Micom Rice Cooker

    • It’s feature-rich and advanced.
    • It does not have messy overflows.
    • It’s easy to clean with detachable parts.
    • Has a retractable cord for easier storage.
    • Pricey.

    The Zojirushi rice cooker 3 cup Japanese model provides flawless rice every time, thanks to its intelligent technology. It’s among the best mini rice cooker for busy bees, although the price is quite high. The versatility this mini rice cooker brings is very impressive since it can make all kinds of rice and more.

    What sets it apart from the rest is the sturdy build and unique settings for sushi, white/brown rice, Gaba brown rice, long-grain, quick cooking and oatmeal. Moreover, it boasts three heaters on the lid, bottom, and side for even heating.

    This stainless steel rice cooker offers a removable vent cap that allows for high-temperature cooking with no overflows. It also has a micro-computer that automatically adjusts the cooking temperature and time depending on the grains used. The keep-warm function is a nifty feature for independent people.

    It’s easy to clean the machine due to the clear coated stainless steel exterior and detachable and washable inner lid. The delay timer allows you to program cooking time so you can prepare dinner in advance. You can choose between two notification sounds depending on what you like.

    5. Aroma Housewares MI 3-cup Mini Rice Cooker

    • It has a compact design to save on space.
    • Has an easy operation.
    • It’s dishwasher safe.
    • Has a keep-warm function.
    • Liquid might leak.

    Other than cooking the best rice every day, this little beast has got everything you need in a mini rice cooker – it has a compact design and offers user-friendly operation. It provides a one-touch operation with a simple lever that gets cooking started. The space-reducing size of the MI series means you can use it in a tight space.

    Like similar models, the Aroma MI comes with a keep-warm function that holds heat for as long as 12 hours. It has a sleek handle that lets you carry it everywhere, making it ideal for people on-the-go. The Aroma MI series is easy to clean, featuring a nonstick inner pot that is dishwasher safe. Accompanying accessories such as the rice measuring cup and spatula are also dishwasher safe.

    The machine can hold up to 3 cups of cooked rice, which ideal for up to 3 people. If you need an affordable feature-rich rice cooker, the Aroma MI 3 cup won’t disappoint.

    Our Pick on Choosing Best Small Rice Cooker

    Choosing the best mini rice cooker from your list depends on various factors such as specific cooking needs, space considerations, features, and budget. Here’s a brief overview of each model to help you determine which might be the best fit for your needs:

    1. Panasonic SR-3NAL Rice & Multi-Cooker:

    This compact cooker is versatile, allowing for cooking rice and other items. It’s known for its durability and simplicity, making it a good choice for basic rice cooking needs.

    2. Black + Decker 3-cup Uncooked Rice Cooker:

    A popular option due to its brand reputation and affordability. It’s straightforward, easy to use, and suitable for small households.

    3. DCIGNA 1.2L Mini Rice Cooker:

    This is a smaller-sized cooker, ideal for individuals or couples. It’s portable and often chosen for its compact design, making it perfect for small kitchens or travel.

    4. Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB Micom Rice Cooker:

    Known for its advanced features, including multiple cooking settings for different types of rice and grains. It’s a bit more expensive but offers versatility and consistent cooking results.

    5. Aroma Housewares MI 3-cup Mini Rice Cooker:

    A budget-friendly option that is simple to use and clean. It’s ideal for small spaces and perfect for people who want a no-fuss rice cooking experience.

    Factors Choosing the Best Mini Rice Cooker

    • Cooking Capacity: Consider how much rice you typically cook. For larger quantities, opt for a cooker with a higher capacity.
    • Features: Think about whether you need advanced features like different cooking modes, or if a basic cooker suffices.
    • Price: Match your budget with the cooker that offers the best value for your needs.
    • Space: Choose a cooker that fits well in your kitchen space.
    • Ease of Use and Cleaning: Consider cookers that are user-friendly and easy to clean.

    Each of these cookers has its strengths. For example, if you’re looking for high-tech cooking options, the Zojirushi model might be best. However, for simple, straightforward rice cooking in a small kitchen, the Aroma Housewares or Black + Decker models could be more suitable. Evaluate what’s most important for your cooking habits and kitchen setup to decide on the best option for you.


    When choosing the best mini rice cooker, you want to know what you are getting for your investment. All these rice cookers have various features for convenience, ease, and use and can cook different types of rice. If you are the type of person who is self-sufficient and always traveling, then a portable mini rice cooker is best for you.

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