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Top 5 Best Bookshelves for Small Spaces

If you have a few treasured titles and live in a small apartment, a compact bookshelf can help you keep your selections organized and accessible. The best bookshelves for small spaces for you will also have to match your interior style and provide ample storage for the titles you own.

Unfortunately, choosing the best bookshelves for small spaces is not an easy task due to the wide variety of options in the market today, which can make the whole process challenging.

To help you out, we have a list of top-quality options we found to be worth the money. We arrived at this list after analyzing tens of bookshelves. We looked at customer reviews, quality, and ratings.

Keep reading to see our top choices:

Best Bookshelves for Small Spaces Comparison

IRIS USA OWR-600BR 3-Shelf
  • Dimensions: 11.52"D x 15.76"W x 34.63"H
  • Special Feature: Adjustable
  • Mounting Type: Floor Mount
  • Sorfity Tree Bookshelf
  • Dimensions: 6.3"D x 14.5"W x 24"H
  • Special Feature: Durable
  • Mounting Type: Floor Mount
  • Wallniture Minori Floating Shelves
  • Dimensions: 6"D x 17"W x 5.5"H
  • Special Feature: Water Resistant
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • MyGift Rustic Display Bookshelf
  • Dimensions: 10"D x 6.7"W x 13.4"H
  • Special Feature: Space Saving
  • Mounting Type: Table Mount, Tabletop
  • Furinno Turn-N-Tube Display Rack
  • Dimensions: 11.4"D x 23.6"W x 29.5"H
  • Special Feature: Adjustable
  • Mounting Type: Floor Mount

  • IRIS USA OWR-600BR 3-Shelf

    • Made to look like hardwood.
    • It’s easy to assemble.
    • Solidly made and thus durable.
    • Adjustable middle shelves.
    • Not made from hardwood.
    • Assembly is needed.

    This 3 tier bookshelf by IRIS USA comes in different sizes to suit different needs. All the sizes have the same depth and height, and the only difference is the width.

    The shelves are made to look like real wood and thus will a modernized feel to your room. However, they are made from composite wood material.

    You can display your books on this shelf with pride in a compact size. Another great thing about this shelf is that the middle shelves are adjustable.

    Sorfity Tree Shaped Bookshelf

    • Makes use of vertical space and is thus good for small spaces.
    • It’s environmentally friendly.
    • It won’t corrode or rust.
    • It may take time to assemble.

    If you’re truly limited in space, this tree shaped bookshelf by Sorfity is all you need. Not only does it occupy very little space that allows it to fit virtually everywhere, but it’s also multifunctional, and thus you can use it for storing folders and CDs.

    One outstanding feature of this bookshelf is that it’s made from bamboo and thus environmentally friendly. Also, bamboo is a long-lasting material, and thus you can expect this bookshelf to serve you for many years as it’s solidly made as well.

    In addition, it’s lightweight and thus portable.

    Wallniture Minori Floating Shelves for Books

    • It saves your floor space.
    • Made from solid wood, which is durable.
    • Multipurpose.
    • Calls for some assembling.

    If you’re looking for a stylish, modern-looking bookshelf, this floating shelf from Wallniture Minori is worth consideration. Not only is it decorative and beautiful, but it’s also durable.

    People like how solidly built this floating shelves for books is and how it saves on floor space. The shelf is made from solid woods and has solid metal brackets.

    Another good thing about this bookshelf is that it’s versatile – you can store CDs, DVDs, and books. It allows you to keep your titles organized. The manufacturer provides everything needed for assembly, including screws, anchors, and an instruction manual.

    MyGift Rustic Bookshelf

    • It’s lightweight.
    • Highly portable.
    • Has a rustic appearance and thus can fit your interior décor.
    • The upward tilted design makes it easier for you to access your books.
    • Limited space and thus can’t accommodate many books.

    If you don’t have many titles, this display bookshelf may appeal to you. It can easily fit on your desktop table.

    The bookshelf is lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble. It has a rustic gray finish and thus will fit in virtually any interior décor. Its upward tilted design makes accessing your books easier.

    You can place this shelf on your kitchen counter to keep your kitchen recipe books.

    Furinno Turn-N-Tube Multipurpose Shelf 

    • It’s lightweight.
    • Portable and compact.
    • Available in different colors.
    • Partly made from PVC, which makes it look cheap.

    Furinno is a reliable brand, and this is one of the best bookshelves for small spaces. It’s quite affordable and easy to assemble. The multipurpose shelf is made of PVC material and wood.

    It’s available in many beautiful colors, such as black, brown, pink, dark cherry, etc., to give you a choice of colors.

    With this bookshelf, you can display your books and keep them organized. It’s solidly made and thus can hold plenty of titles.

    If you still can’t decide which option to go for, here is a quick buyer’s guide to help you out.

    Factors to Consider When Buying a Bookshelf for Small Space

    • Size

    The first thing you should consider is size. Before you start shopping for the best bookshelves for small spaces, decide where you’ll keep them at home and the available space. You’ll also want to know the approximate number of titles you’d like to put on your bookshelves (those you own and those you’ll buy in the future).

    After assessing your needs, take the dimensions of the space where the bookshelf will stay and now compare that with the available options in the market. Also, note the number of tiers a bookshelf has, as this will help indicate the number of books the shelves can hold.

    • Material

    In addition to the size of the bookshelf, you also need to consider the type of material used to construct your shelf. Wood was and is still is a popular option today. However, modern materials include solid wood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and particleboard.

    Away from wood, you can also find bookshelves made of glass or metal. Some manufacturers also mix materials to give a bookshelf a modern, industrial look. For instance, you can find a wooden bookshelf with a steel frame.

    Also, consider the wood stain or color of the material to avoid messing your home décor/

    • Adjustability

    A good bookshelf allows height adjustment as books come in varying heights. Therefore, get an adjustable bookshelf that allows you to adjust the height of the shelves to fit books of varying heights. In most cases, manufacturers drill holes on the sides to enable you to adjust the size of each shelf.

    • Wall-mounted or freestanding

    You’ll also have to choose between getting a freestanding bookshelf or a wall-mounted one. Both have their pros and cons, and ultimately, it all comes down to the available space and personal preference.

    Freestanding shelves tend to hold more books than their wall-mounted counterparts and make it easier to move from one space to another, which is great for when you decide to alter the layout of your house.

    On the other hand, wall-mounted bookshelves are better for when you want to keep your books above other furniture pieces. These are good for a small apartment where space is at a premium.


    All the bookshelves in our guide are compact and will elevate the look of your home. We hope you’ve spotted the best option for your space. Your titles deserve a good presentation.

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