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7 Best Mini Trampolines for Kids 2023

We all want our kids to be active, and that’s why we’re willing to go the extra mile to buy them fun things to play with so they don’t end up spending too much time on TV and using smartphones. Trampolines offer a fun way of making your kid active and also promote their balance and coordination skills.

The good thing is that you can find a mini trampoline for kids in the market today, regardless of your needs and budget. Unfortunately, the wide range of mini trampolines for kids poses a challenge – how do you choose the best one?

We have compiled a detailed guide reviewing the best trampoline for kids you can choose from to make your work a little bit easier. In addition, we have an informative section detailing the things you should look for in a mini trampoline.

Let’s start with the reviews first.

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Compare Best Mini Trampoline for Kids

Skywalker Mini Trampoline with an Enclosure Net
  • 37.6 x 11.6 x 6.5 inches
  • 9.1 Kilograms
  • 40 x 40 x 56.7 inches
  • 3-year limited warranty on trampoline frame, 1-year limited warranty on other materials
  • Svan Portable Kid Trampoline with a Handle
  • ‎28.5 x 16.5 x 4.25 inches
  • ‎6.83 Kilograms
  • 28.5 x 16.5 x 4.2 inches
  • No warranty
  • Ancheeer Foldable trampoline
  • ‎40 x 23 x 5 inches
  • ‎12.75 Kilograms
  • 102 x 59 x 11 inches
  • 1 year warranty
  • Wamkos Mini Trampoline for Kids with Handle
  • ‎‎31.25 x 14.9 x 3.9 inches
  • ‎‎6.87 Kilograms
  • 36 x 36 x 30 inches
  • No warranty
  • Lovely Snail Trampoline for Kids
  • ‎‎‎62 x 14.5 x 13.5 inches
  • ‎‎18.6 Kilograms
  • ‎32.86 x 14.57 x 6.69 inches
  • 1 year warranty
  • ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Trampoline for Kids
  • ‎‎‎‎36 x 32 x 5 inches
  • ‎‎‎9.64 Kilograms
  • ‎Size 36"
  • No warranty
  • Galt Nursery Trampoline for Toddlers
  • ‎‎‎‎19.69 x 5.63 x 16.14 inches
  • ‎‎‎7.7 pounds
  • No warranty

  • Our Top Picks

    Skywalker Mini Trampoline with an Enclosure Net
    It has a 48-inch jumping area and is fully walled for safety.
    Ancheeer Foldable trampoline
    Is another top option. It has a low height and is sturdily built.
    Wamkos Mini Trampoline for Kids with Handle
    Durably made and feature six legs for stability.

    Let’s review these trampolines and four more.

    Best Trampoline for Kids

    1. Skywalker Mini Trampoline with Net

    • Has 100lbs maximum weight rating.
    • 30 stretch bands instead of springs for comfort.
    • The base net prevents insects from entering.
    • It has a padded handlebar.
    • Enclosure net prevents failing.
    • All parts are safe for your kid.
    • Assembling this trampoline can take time.

    Our first pick is this 48-inch trampoline from Skywalker. It is an excellent starter trampoline for toddlers and small lids.

    The 8.46sq feet of jumping space offers ample diameter for your kid to have fun. There are 30 stretch bands on the jumping area instead of spring to provide a safe and comfortable bouncing area for your kid. Its powder-coated steel allows it to support up to 100lbs of weight.

    Another outstanding feature of this small-size trampoline is that it’s fully walled with an enclosure net. The base net prevents harmful insects and pets from entering under the trampoline. The dual-zippered enclosure door provides your kid with easy entering and exit points.

    There is no gap between the net and mat as all the sides of this enclosure net, and jumping carpet are sewn together to increase safety.

    It features a handle to add stability, especially when your kid is excited. Skywalker mini trampoline backs with a 3-year warranty for the frame and a one-year warranty for other parts. All the parts of this mini trampoline for kids meet ASTM durability and safety standards.

    Overall, the Skywalker indoor trampoline is an excellent indoor toy for your child and offers a place for your kid to burn off energy. It has the utmost safety features and is thus one of the best mini trampolines for kids.

    2. Svan Portable Kids Mini Trampoline with a Handle

    • Has rubberized feet to prevent the trampoline from scratching your floor.
    • It’s portable and thus suitable for indoor and outdoor environment.
    • The handlebar has adjustable height.
    • It’s quiet.
    • Quick to assemble.
    • Thanks to its ample mat, this trampoline is perfect for toddlers and young kids.
    • Although it has a handle rail for safety, it lacks a safety enclosure.

    If you want a mini trampoline with a simple yet effective design, the Svan portable kids mini trampoline can fit the bill.

    It’s easy to set up as you only need a screwdriver to tighten the required parts. The trampoline features a foldable jumping frame, edge protector, rubber feet, strap design jumping mat, and a handrail, making it one of the best in its category.

    Its jumping mat comes pre-assembled so that you can expand it and install the other parts. The mat has a 32-inch diameter, meaning your kid will have ample jumping area.

    Another impressive thing about this kid’s trampoline is that the handrail is adjustable and thus suitable for kids of different heights. If this’s your first time buying a trampoline, we can recommend this as it’s affordable and quality.

    3. Ancheer Trampoline Foldable

    • Has a 220lbs limit and ample diameter to accommodate two jumpers.
    • Has a sturdy frame hence safe for kids.
    • It’s low.
    • Foldable, thus easy to store.
    • Great for kids with sensory needs.
    • Difficulty to assemble.

    With an overall design and a handrail that’s adjustable and detachable, the ANCHEER Double Mini Trampoline is not only sturdy but safe for kids.

    One thing that makes this trampoline from Ancheeer stand out is that it’s close to the ground and thus safer for kids in case of falls. Also, the foldable and detachable handle design makes it easy to store.

    Many parents love the handle as it offers their kids a place to balance if they stagger after bouncing. This Ancheer mini trampoline for kids can handle up to 220 lbs. Two kids can jump on it together. The oval shape helps to facilitate this.

    Another thing is that it has PVC safety padding over the springs to make it comfortable for kids to jump barefoot. In addition, it has rubber-tipped legs to prevent accidental slides.

    From the reviews, it’s evident that this mini trampoline is sturdy. One downside we identified from the reviews is that putting together this trampoline is challenging as it needs two strong people to complete the work in at least two hours.

    Overall, this trampoline is ideal for families with multiple kids. The adjustable safety bar, padded jumping area, non-slip legs, and low height make it a good option for small kids and children with sensory processing needs.

    4. Wamkos Mini Trampoline With Handle 

    • The foldable design makes it easy to carry anywhere and store.
    • The rubber capping on its six legs makes it noiseless.
    • Meets all US safety standards.
    • Padded handle for safety.
    • 220lbs of weight.
    • The padding on the handle rail tends to wear out easily.
    • Has a chemical odor at first.

    Our fourth pick for the best mini indoor trampoline for kids is this 36 inches mini trampoline from Wamkos. One striking thing about this mini trampoline is its stable construction. Its frame and six legs are made from steel and feature rubber caps that make them stable and noiseless. The rubber caps also help protect the floors from scratches. Its sturdy frame allows it to hold up to 220lbs of weight.

    Its mat is made from premium polypropylene to give it flexibility and make it durable. Another notable feature is its spring-less design that uses 30 bungee loops that are sturdier than the rust-prone bungee springs. In addition, the protective safety pad fitted in this trampoline is made of PVC material with a dinosaur painted camouflaged color.

    The durable mini trampoline with handle  is small and features a foldable design making it easy to carry and store. You can take it outdoor with you.

    The 21.5 inches padded handlebar comes in three pieces, with the 7mm thick padding helping to protect the handle from corrosion.

    Assembling and disassembling this mini trampoline is easy, and you can have it ready for use in minutes. 

    Overall, the Wamkos foldable mini trampoline is an excellent indoor toy for kids, and we can recommend it to kids aged more than three years.

    5. Lovely Snail Trampoline for Kids

    • It has safety nets.
    • Great for indoor usage.
    • Attractive design.
    • The written manual doesn’t help with assembly.
    • The basketball goal is not durable.

    If you’re a basketball fan, this Lovely Snail trampoline will appeal to you. The mini trampoline with net is five feet tall from the ground to the top of the net and five feet around, although the jumping area in the net is four feet.

    Although attractive and sturdy, some reviewers claimed it’s not the best for children that are bigger or rough. We would recommend it for kids under three years and those less than four feet tall.

    It’s best used on carpeting since it tends to slide when kids jump on it when on hard flooring. The basketball goal is attractive, but unfortunately, it’s cheaply made.

    Overall, it’s a good option for kids under 3 years who aren’t rough and aggressive. The 200lb weight limit is a plus, but keep in mind that the jumping space is relatively compact compared to other trampolines in this guide.

    6. Ativafit Trampoline

    • Has stable construction.
    • Safety features are put in place.
    • Ideal for kids aged between three and ten years.
    • Can accommodate heavy-bodied kids.
    • The handrail is not adjustable.

    If you have super-active kids, get them the Ativafit trampoline to help them burn off their energy while having fun. This is one of the best trampolines for kids and can help enhance their physical abilities, such as body coordination and balance.

    The fold and go trampoline has a sturdy frame to help accommodate kids between three and ten years. It’s available in five color variants, and thus you can choose one that matches your kid’s preferences.

    Its jumping mechanism uses springs covered in a padded jumping mat for safety. You don’t have to worry about your kid’s feet getting stuck between the springs, as all the edges are covered in PVC pads.

    Another striking thing we loved the most about this product is its ergonomic handrail that prevents injury or wrist fatigue when your kid is jumping rigorously.

    The trampoline is easy to disassemble and can easily fold into a compact size.

    7. Galt Nursery Trampoline for Toddlers

    • Has a colorful and fun design.
    • Adjustable padded handrail.
    • Spring-less design for safety.
    • Has a sturdy construction.
    • Lacks a safety net.

    Your toddler should not be sidelined as older siblings jump around. It would be best to get them this mini trampoline for younger children from Galt.

    Your toddler will benefit from this turtle trampoline as it’ll encourage them to stand and walk. In addition, it will help develop coordination and balance and also strengthen their muscles while at the same time having fun.

    The design of this trampoline for toddlers is fantastic as it has vibrant colors that are fun for kids. Its four legs have rubber caps to give the trampoline additional stability and protect the floor. The edges are padded to protect the delicate toddler’s feet.

    Another thoughtful feature is the slim handrail that your kids can hold on to when jumping. As safe as this trampoline is, it’s best to watch your toddler as they jump with joy to avoid accidents.

    Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best Mini Trampoline for Kids

    We’ve narrowed down your search to seven products, and now it’s your time to choose. If you’re still stuck between two products, this section will help you make a quicker, more informed decision.

    Here are things to keep in mind when buying a trampoline for your kid:

    • Age Appropriateness

    Trampolines come in different sizes to suit kids of different ages and body types. Most mini trampolines with short legs are meant for kids up to four years old. They don’t have much bounce power to keep your kids from falling over. This makes them not suitable for kids with more aggression and energy.

    Bigger mini trampolines can be used indoors and outdoors and are meant for kids aged three and ten years. If you’re buying bigger mini trampolines for indoor usage, it’s wise to check the ceiling height in case the bounce power makes the kid jump too high. 

    Kids aged less than 3 years should not use a trampoline without supervision.

    • Shape

    The market has trampolines with variations in sizes and shapes. Indoor trampolines are circular to save space.

    If you’re to go with oval, rectangular or square models, you need to be sure they’ll fit your indoor space.

    • Durability

    Obviously, you need a trampoline that will serve your kids for many years. That’s why it must have its legs and frame constructed from rust-resistant and resilient steel. In addition, the jumping area should be made of durable, waterproof covering.

    If a trampoline uses springs, ensure they are galvanized and rust-resistant. If it’s made of bungee cords or elastic bands, they should be stretchy and comfortable.

    Other factors to keep in mind include:

    • Safety features such as a safety net and handrail.
    • Ground height should be suitable for your kid’s height and age.
    • Foldability for ease of storage.
    • The number of legs. A stable trampoline should have at least four legs.
    • Ease of assembly. Should have clear assembly instructions.
    • Multicolor options to give you a choice of the theme that matches your kid’s house.
    • Price and warranty.

    Wrapping It Up

    Kids have a lot of energy, and thus you need to find productive ways to keep them active. Mini trampolines can help keep them occupied in a fun way.

    All the seven models in this guide are durable and suit kids of different ages. We do hope you’ve spotted the right one for your kid

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