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16 Small Entryway Ideas: Storage, Decor and Design

Hello GoTiniers! Creating a welcoming entryway in a small space can be quite a challenge, but I’ve found that with the right ideas, decor and design tips, it can transform into a beautiful and functional part of your home. Whether you’re working with a tiny apartment foyer or a narrow hallway, these 16 small entryway ideas have helped me maximize my space and make a great first impression. Let me share what I’ve learned to help you do the same and make a great first impression in your home when you have guests!

10 Small Entryway Ideas

1. Wall-Mounted Shelf With Hooks

entryway wall mounted shelves

One of my favourite small entryway ideas is to utilize wall-mounted shelf with hooks. They keep your entryway organized without taking up floor space. I love using hooks for coats and bags and shef for keys and mail. It’s a simple yet effective solution.

2. Compact Shoe Storage Bench

narrow entryway shoe bench

A narrow bench with an open shoe rack underneath provides seating and storage. This setup keeps shoes organized and gives you a spot to sit while putting them on. Plus, it keeps the floor clean and clutter-free and it has high 4.7 rating. It’s a bit expensive, but right now it is discounted.

3. Large Mirror with Hooks

Large Mirror with Hooks

Hanging a large mirror in your entryway is one of the smartest entryway ideas. It reflects light, making the space feel larger and brighter. Adding hooks along the bottom edge for keys and accessories maximizes functionality.

4. Slim Console Table

Slim Console Table

A slim console table that fits snugly against the wall is perfect for small entryways. Use the surface for decorative items and place storage baskets underneath or shoes. This combination keeps your entryway tidy and stylish.

5. Wall-Mounted Mail and Key Holder

Wall-Mounted Mail and Key Holder

A wall-mounted mail and key holder is a sleek and efficient space-saving idea for small entryways. This compact unit typically features hooks for keys and compartments for mail, ensuring these essentials are always within reach.

6. Floating Shelves

floating shelves in small entryway

Floating shelves are excellent for displaying small decorative items, artwork, or family photos. These shelves can save you some space and add style to your entryway without taking up floor space, making them one of the best small entryway.

7. Corner Shelves

Corner Shelves in small entryway

Installing corner shelves is an excellent space-saving idea for small entryways. These shelves make use of often overlooked corner spaces, providing storage and display options.

8. Cubbies with Labels

entryway cubbies Storage Cabinet

A small cubby system with labeled sections for each family member keeps items like gloves, hats, shoes and keys organized. It’s a functional and personalized solution that keeps your entryway clutter-free.

9. Pegboard Organizer

entryway Pegboard Organizer

Mounting a pegboard on the wall and using various hooks and containers creates a customizable organizer for keys, handbag and small accessories. This functional and industrial-chic element is perfect for small entryways.

10. Umbrella Stand With Coat Rack

Umbrella Stand and Coat Rack

A compact umbrella stand with coat rack in the corner of your entryway keeps umbrellas and coats neatly organized. This combination is practical and stylish, making it one of my favorite small entryway ideas.

6 Popular Small Entryway Decor and Design Ideas

1. Artwork or Family Photos

family photos in entryway
art work in small entryway

Adding artwork or family photos to your entryway injects personality and style into the space. Choose pieces that reflect your taste and complement the overall theme of your home. This decor idea turns your small entryway into a mini gallery.

2. Statement Rug

A statement rug in your entryway adds color, texture, and warmth. Choose a rug that fits the space and enhances the overall design. This decor idea anchors the entryway and makes it feel more welcoming.

3. Vertical Garden or Greenery

Adding a vertical garden using a wall-mounted planter or shelves with small potted plants brings a touch of nature into your entryway. It’s a refreshing and visually appealing addition that doesn’t take up much space.

4. Decorative Baskets

Using decorative baskets in your entryway helps keep small items organized while adding a stylish touch. Choose baskets that match your decor and provide functional storage.

5. Accent Wall

Accent Wall in small entryway

Add personality to your small entryway with an accent wall. Use bold paint or unique wallpaper, like the green and white combo in the image, to create a striking, stylish look that enhances both functionality and aesthetics.

6. Fresh Flowers or Plants

plants in small entryway

Lastly, my favourite of small entryway decor ideas is plants. Adding fresh flowers or plants to your entryway brings life and colour to the space. Choose low-maintenance plants that thrive indoors and fit the lighting conditions of your entryway.


Creating a beautiful and functional small entryway is all about maximizing space and choosing the right decor and design elements. By implementing these 16 small entryway ideas, you can transform even the tiniest of entryways into a welcoming and stylish part of your home.

In my experience, making small changes can have a big impact. I’ve seen firsthand how a few strategic design choices can transform a cramped and cluttered entryway into a stylish and organized space. So, don’t be discouraged by the size of your entryway. Embrace the challenge and have fun with it. Your small entryway is the first thing guests see when they enter your home, so make it a space that reflects your style and makes a great first impression.

Hi! I'm Edmundas, a devoted minimalist and expert in making the most out of small spaces. Through years of experience in interior design and innovative space-saving solutions, I've mastered the art of transforming compact areas into functional, stylish havens. Here at GotinySpace, I share my insights and tips to help you embrace a simpler, more organized lifestyle. Join me on this journey to discover how less can indeed be more.

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