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  • GEVEELIFE Portable Diesel Heater

    【All-In-One Diesel Heater】: The combustion chamber, base, and heat dissipation area in the car diesel space heater are all made of aluminum in one piece, with fast heating, even heat dissipation, and long service life. It has low fuel and electricity consumption, is suitable for long time operation, heating range: 20-50m²; working temperature: -40℃~50℃ (not limited by altitude, can be used in plateau and mountainous area) Its compact and portable design allows for easy transportation and makes it an excellent choice for camping trips.
    【LCD Display & Remote Control】: This diesel car parking heater is equipped with a smart LCD display and remote control. With the equipped remote control, you can remotely change the temperature to heat up the car before entering the car on cold winter days (50 meters). Once activated, the heater’s timer and thermostat can be adjusted automatically or manually via the built-in LCD panel.
    【Fast Heating & High Efficiency】: GEVEELIFE diesel heater utilizes an aluminum combustion chamber to quickly heat the inhaled cool air, transforming it into hot air in no time. Within a mere 10 minutes, this powerful diesel heater increases the temperature of your car, while efficiently pre-heating the engine and effortlessly clearing frost from your windows.