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7 Best Space Saving Garage Workbenches

The garage is your standard work unit allowing you to unleash your wit and get creative. And given the intensity of activity, you need a sturdy workspace and perhaps some good storage. Regardless, there’s more you should go for in workbenches for the garage, including the construction and the workbench top space. 

Scouring through the market can be challenging if you’re fishing for an ideal product to suit your needs. And besides, pointing out the best garage workbench to use isn’t a child’s play if you’ve never used one before. We bring you this list of the ideal space-saving workbenches for your garage to enable you to handle multiple tasks at a go. Want to find out more? Here are our seven best workbenches you should go for, including our best pick.

Compare Best Garage Workbenches

WorkPro Miter Saw Stand Portable Workbench
  • Dimensions: ‎23"D x 47.75"W x 30"H
  • Load Capacity: 330 Pounds
  • Material: Steel, Wood, Plastic
  • 2x4basics Custom L-Shaped Workbench
  • Dimensions: ‎35.2 x 13.4 x 11.5 inches
  • Load Capacity: 1100 Pounds
  • Material: Steel, Wood
  • Keter – 197283 Folding Table Work Bench
  • Dimensions: ‎‎21.65"D x 33.46"W x 29.75"H
  • Load Capacity: 1000 Pounds
  • Material: ‎Aluminum, Plastic
  • Olympia Tools Multi-Purpose Workbench
  • Dimensions: ‎‎23.75"D x 47.25"W x 61"H
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Material: ‎Steel
  • Fleximounts Work Bench w/Drawer
  • Dimensions: ‎‎‎24"D x 47"W x 29.5"H
  • Load Capacity: 500 Pounds
  • Material: ‎Steel, Wood
  • Seville Classics Ultrahd Lighted Workbench
  • Dimensions: ‎‎‎48"D x 24"W x 65.5"H
  • Load Capacity: 600 Pounds
  • Material: ‎Steel, Wood
  • Grizzly Industrial T10157 – Heavy-Duty Oak Workbench
  • Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎63 x 33 x 6 inches
  • Load Capacity: 1000 Pounds
  • Material: ‎Steel, Wood

  • Our Pick on Best Garage Workbench

    Grizzly Industrial T10157 - Heavy-Duty Oak Workbench
    • Sturdy enough to handle up to 3000 pounds.
    • Side vices and detachable bench dogs for better object grip and stability.
    • Sufficient drawer and shelf storage with modern design.
    • Best value for money.

    It’s apparent that every workbench manufacturing brand strives to reach the higher ranking echelons. Regardless, only a few make it to the top, and we’ve mentioned only a few that cut it. Given out incredible scrutinizing prowess and detailed expertise in dealing with workbenches, we pick the Grizzly Industrial T10157 – Heavy-Duty Oak Workbench.

    A few notable features got us head over heels since, technically, this workbench serves its functional purpose incredibly well. Its minimalist building design and well-thought wood and steel combinations get out approval. Its storage capacity is top-end, and it’s ideal for carrying out heavy and multiple DIY projects. However, its heavy-duty design makes it less portable but still gives you the chance to use it flexibly in your garage.

    The workbench also has a large workspace to accommodate your activities worry-free. Although the price is seemingly way over the edge, it’s all worth it in the long term. Besides, its clean but straightforward design makes it a subtle addition to your garage. Given its high durability and functionality, there’s every reason to grab and run with this workbench. 

    Best Garage Workbench

    1. WorkPro Miter Saw Stand Portable Workbench

    • Can convert to a dolly or creeper.
    • Lightweight and portable.
    • Durable.
    • Narrow table space for multiple projects.
    • Handles little weight than most workbenches.

    This Workpro workbench has it all and includes high-level functionality and usability. The workbench is portable and lightweight and lets you handle every task conveniently. An added perk of this beauty is that it folds into a thin creeper, allowing you to inspect your car’s underparts. You only have to press the fold and retract it before sliding under your vehicle, saving your budget by cashing in for a creeper.

    In addition, the top space is expansive enough and is slide-proof. It measures 46.85 x 24.41 x 5.91 inches, allowing you to perform multiple DIY projects without needing an extra table. Its steel build design makes it a preferable choice to enable you even stand on top and paint your walls in the house. The workbench can handle up to 330 pounds of load, giving you the convenience of dragging heavy items effortlessly.

    If you’re looking for storage space, this workbench has your back. It has storage compartments to place your drills, screwdrivers, and other parts. That helps ease up space and organizes your work area for your peace of mind. The workbench also has 1 three-head socket (input), 3, three head sockets (output), and a reset switch. Its quick loading miter saw high-quality steel anti-skid wheels make it a purchase worth the best band of your money.

    2. 2x4basics Custom L-Shaped Workbench

    • Vast storage spaces due to multiple shelves.
    • Sturdy enough to hold immense weight.
    • Easy to assemble and use.
    • It can be heavy for some people to carry around.

    This 2x4basics workbench is portable and sturdy to help you handle multiple projects without worrying about it caving into pressure. The workbench has a fixed design with a robust, L-shaped form to prop it at the corners, allowing you to access it flexibly. Its brackets are made of heavy gauge structural resin to handle weights reaching 1,100 pounds without you worrying whether or not it’ll hold. Once you screw in the brackets, you’re in for a lifetime of consistent use without replacements.

    This workbench has a ton of top table space since it measures 35.6 x 13.2 x 11.4 inches. Its jointly extended L-shape design allows you to separate your workstations while conveniently accessing them at right angles. Its lumber material is also irresistible to dust and won’t let the greasy stains patch on it. However, moving it from place to place might require more help since its heavy-duty build design would hardly allow you to.

    The storage is also nothing to worry about if you’re planning on acquiring this workbench. It features two shelf levels below the top bench, allowing you to place your working tools and accessories. This vertical storage design saves you space in your garage, and thanks to its L-shape design, accessing your stored items won’t be daunting. You can add shelf link storage on the top to increase the vertical storage.

    3. Keter Folding Workbench

    • Versatile and fold up for portability.
    • Sturdy to support massive weight.
    • The top bench working area can be limited.

    This Israeli-manufactured Keter work bench is lightweight and portable enough to carry by hand. Besides, it also provides sufficient space for your DIYs, letting you carry out projects worry-free. Its plump design makes it incredibly stable since its lowered center of gravity enables you to wobble it without toppling over as you see and nail it. It’s also foldable and perfectly sturdy, thanks to its heavy-duty aluminum legs and resin material. That allows you to perform a vast range of tasks weighing about 1000 pounds.

    The stop bench space is vast enough to accommodate your activities. And although it’s not considerably expansive as WorkPro’s, it still gives you the freedom to utilize the space worry-free. It measures 33.46 x 21.65 x 4.41 inches and includes a few plastic parts making it a lightweight product. The workbench can handle every adversity you put it through, and you can pound, ram, and exert every force without it caving in.

    The storage is also good in accessibility and reach, although you won’t enjoy it as much as the previous models. Regardless, the workbench has a vast number of slots to enable you to store your screwdrivers, hammers, and anvils. You might also use the tiny bottom shelf to place your DIY projects’ arsenal. If your garage is tight in space, this portable, easy-to-handle, and long-lasting workbench is a match made in heaven.

    4. Olympia Tools Workbench

    • Features a workbench cabinet for extended storage.
    • Florescent cabinet light for conspicuity.
    • Considerable top bench space.
    • It can’t handle weights above 300 pounds.

    The Olympia tools workbench is a jack of all trades, allowing you to work efficiently on multiple projects. It’s a modern design featuring artificial lighting, vast storage, and top table space. Its non-slide surface also lets you work without worrying about slips and potential compromises on your project. Its steel finish makes this workbench a must-have since it guarantees you a long-time usage. 

    The workbench has an ample working space measuring 23.82 x 61.02 inches and stands 47.24 inches tall. It’s also marginally sturdy to handle a total load capacity reaching 220 pounds, and its shelf capacity can take loads of about 44 pounds. Its 13-watt fluorescent cabinet light makes it a top-end product to enhance your vision for your tools and projects. This light obtains power from a socket slot nearby since it has extended wiring for connection.

    Storage is plain sailing for this workbench, and you’d assuredly hardly complain. This unique creation features two ball-bearing sliding drawers to hold your working tools. These drawers are abundant in space and have a vast storage capacity. Besides, the workbench’s cabinets offer vertical storage, with poked holes to install hangers for your tools. The bottom shelf also adds more to the space, leaving you satisfied with the storage capacity. 

    5. Fleximounts WorkBench With Drawer

    • Versatile and functional in kitchens, garages and patios.
    • Incredibly strong to hold weights reaching 3000 pounds.
    • Steel design for durability.
    • Workbench space may not handle multiple projects.

    This minimalist creation doesn’t impress much with the looks but offers functionality like no other. It’s typically a better choice for handling significant DIY chores since the workspace is a bit limited. However, you’ll surely give it a thumbs up on its sturdiness since this Fleximounts workbench has the potential to hold up to 3000 pounds of top table load. Thanks to its wood and steel build design bolstering its ability to withstand the significant weight.

    This worktable also offers a large workspace to let you handle a few projects. However, the space might be marginally tinier than models like Olimpia and Keter workbenches. The workbench measures 48 x 24 inches and stands 37.4 inches tall. Regardless, the top table space is sufficient to let you stretch your hands at maximum capacity. That should help you grab a spanner or screwdriver without straining while maintaining a seated position. 

    The workbench also has a pull-out drawer to place your tools at a hand stretch. The drawer is located at the top right side of the workbench, and you can slide it out and in conveniently. The drawer is extensive enough and should hold a few of your tools without a problem. The glad tiding is, you don’t have to stick to using this workbench in the garage since you can convert it to a sturdy table or a kitchen table, hence worth the best bang for your money.

    6. Seville Classics Ultrahd Rolling Workbench

    • Cabinet storage and drawers for more space.
    • Heavy-duty steel frame, hence durable.
    • Versatile and usable in office, kitchen and garage.
    • Less sturdy to handle massive weights.
    • The top bench work area can be less.

    The Seville Classic workbench is also an immaculately designed stainless steel build for carrying out your garage’s DIY projects. Its compact form and granite gray color make it an adorning piece besides offering efficient workability. It’s also lightweight and incredibly portable, allowing you to move it around as you switch your workstations in your garage. This workbench is partly similar to the Fleximounts workbench in terms of size and space, but only that it doesn’t feature the pegboard. 

    The workbench measures 48 x 24 inches and stands 37.4 inches tall. And while this space isn’t much to savor for your significant projects requiring vast areas, it’s still a viable option for tinier garages. Besides, its steel design allows it to handle about 500 pounds, which is just enough for some light to medium duty. This masterpiece features two USB Ports with a power socket, allowing you to use your electric drills or other powered tools. 

    This Seville classics ultrahd rolling workbench storage won’t leave you muttering with dissatisfaction since it features two steel drawers. You can pull and push them in without a hitch and store your peripheral essentials without a problem. Besides, it tags along with a customizable pegboard to help you organize your tools as you go about being busy. Need more space? Check out the top shelf at the top edge of the pegboard, and you’ll surely love this wonderful creation.

    7. Grizzly Workbench Industrial T10157

    • Sturdy enough to handle up to 3000 pounds.
    • Side vices and detachable bench dogs for better object grip and stability.
    • Sufficient drawer and shelf storage with modern design.
    • Best value for money.
    • Heavy duty and less portable.
    • Pricy for some people.

    This Grizzly workbench wooden and steel combination makes it a sturdy creation to let you give your best in your DIY. It’s a durable pick and a good value for money if you don’t mind its limited portability. Fair to say, this workbench may not be as lightweight as most types, but it guarantees you unmatched longevity in using it. It’s easy to assemble and has an incredibly expansive workbench you’d savor acing your DIYs on.

    The workbench measures 63 x 33 x 6 inches, which is just enough space for multiple projects. Besides, this product is incredibly robust, thanks to its steel and wooden build design. This garage-fit workbench can hold up to 3000 pounds of weight with constant ramming, pounding, and heating. It also has some side vices and detachable bench dogs to clamp the objects you’re working on.

    This workbench also has two pull-out drawers to hold your tools and items you’re working on. Besides, it features a bottom shelf for placing your tools for some quick access, saving you on the garage space. It’s also easy to assemble and marginally portable for changing your workstation positions. Look no further than the Grizzly Industrial workbench if you’re fishing for a durable and long-serving workbench.


    Working in the garage helps you unwind, and the calmness and solitude it tags along with making it heavenly. Sometimes it’s mainly about being creative and unleashing your wit with your DIY skills. But, it’d help if you had a proficient workbench to make it pretty seamless for you. Currently, the market has a ton of these products to choose from. And while it may spoil you for choice, the uncanny ability to opt for a proficient one leaves you baffled. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best garage workbench to work with. Hopefully, this article brings you up to speed with the best garage workbench for your garage.

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