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11 Best Space Saving Accent Armchairs

In our search for the perfect mix of old-style charm and practical design, accent armchairs stand out as a smart choice for small spaces. As our homes serve more purposes than ever before, finding furniture that fits well and looks great is key. Our list of the 11 best space-saving accent armchairs is here to help you find that special piece that adds a touch of history to your home without taking up too much room. Whether you love accent or just want something unique, these armchairs are perfect for making the most out of your space.

What Is Considered a Space-Saving Armchair?

Space matters a lot in small places, and not all chairs fit well. Small armchairs, are perfect. They offer comfort without taking up much room. These chairs are cleverly made to be slim and fit well in tight spaces. They are usually less than 30 inches wide and 32 inches deep. This size makes sure they don’t take up too much space. Some have sleek designs that save space. Others might have storage built in. We want accent armchairs that are not just about saving space. Chairs should also add character and a touch of the past to our homes.

Compare Accent Armchairs

Madison Park Brentwood Accent Armchair
  • Dimensions: 28.5"D x 27.5"W x 40.75"H
  • Item Weight: 13.55 Pounds
  • Color: Beige, Grey White
  • Bonzy Home French Accent Armchair
  • Dimensions: 19"D x 19.7"W x 24"H
  • Item Weight: 17.8 Pounds
  • Color: Beige
  • HULALA HOME Accent Armchair
  • Dimensions: 28"D x 27.5"W x 33.5"H
  • Item Weight: 34.39 Pounds
  • Color: Multiple
  • Container Furniture Classic Armchair
  • Dimensions: 30.3″D x 25.4″W x 33″H
  • Item Weight: 27.5 Pounds
  • Color: Light Brown, Black, Grey, Camel
  • KUVENQIW Grey Pattern Accent Armchair
  • Dimensions: 30″D x 29.25″W x 36.5″H
  • Item Weight: 35.3 Pounds
  • Color: Grey Pattern, Yellow Pattern
  • pazezog Accent Armchair for Living Room
  • Dimensions: 25.6"D x 34.6"W x 36.6"H
  • Item Weight: 30.86 Pounds
  • Color: Brown, Beige, Blue, Grey, Orange, Pink, White
  • CONSDAN Leather Accent Armchair
  • Dimensions: 29.9″D x 29.13″W x 35.04″H
  • Item Weight: 44 Pounds
  • Color: Brown, Black, White
  • HUIMO High Back Accent Armchair
  • Dimensions: 31"D x 28"W x 37"H
  • Item Weight: 36.6 Pounds
  • Color: Blue Floral, Butterfly, Tan With Lines
  • AWQM Tufted Faux Leather Accent Armchair
  • Dimensions: 23.63"D x 23.23"W x 28.35"H
  • Item Weight: 26 Pounds
  • Color: Brown, Black, Blue, Grey
  • sunkind Mid Century Accent Armchair
  • Dimensions: 32.28"D x 29.33"W x 32.09"H
  • Item Weight: 30.6 Pounds
  • Color: White, White Blue, Blue
  • Bonzy Home Linen Accent Armchair
  • Dimensions: Seat: 20"D x 20"W x 34"H
  • Item Weight: N/A
  • Color: Floral Pattern

  • 11 Best Accent Armchairs

    1. Madison Park Brentwood Accent Armchair

    Product Dimensions28.5″D x 27.5″W x 40.75″H
    Item Weight13.55 Pounds
    ColorBeige, Grey White
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    Madison Park Brentwood Accent Armchair

    The Madison Park Brentwood Accent Armchair is a true gem for anyone looking to blend classic charm with modern comfort. Crafted from sturdy birch hardwood, this armchair stands out with its exquisite hand-carved scroll design that whispers tales of elegance and sophistication. It’s not just a chair; it’s a statement piece that elevates any family room, bedroom, or lounge with its modern classic style.

    Imagine sinking into its plush cushions after a long day, surrounded by the warmth of its detailed craftsmanship. Whether you’re curling up with a good book or adding a touch of finesse to your living space, the Brentwood armchair is the perfect companion, offering both comfort and timeless beauty. It’s an ideal pick for those who cherish design that speaks to the past while fitting seamlessly into the present.

    Bonzy Home French Antique Armchair

    2. Bonzy Home French Accent Armchair

    Product Dimensions19″D x 19.7″W x 24″H
    Item Weight17.8 Pounds
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    Next on our list of must-haves is the Bonzy Home French Accent Armchair, a beacon of French country allure blended with modern coziness. Wrapped in a soft beige fabric, it beckons you into relaxation with its plush memory foam. The chair’s carved legs add a dash of sophistication, transforming it from mere furniture to a standout piece. Perfect for any room, from the living area to the home office, it brings an accent armchairs charm that complements both vintage and contemporary decor. It’s an embodiment of style and comfort, making it a timeless addition to your space.

    3. HULALA HOME Accent Armchair

    Product Dimensions28″D x 27.5″W x 33.5″H
    Item Weight34.39 Pounds
    ColorBuffalo Beige, Blue Yellow Floral, Blush Grey Floral, Buffalo Black, Buffalo Navy, Indigo Yellow Floral, Orange Grey Floral, Red Yellow Floral, Striped Black,Striped Blue, Striped Grey, Striped Red
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    HULALA HOME Accent Armchair.

    Next on our list of must-haves is the HULALA HOME Accent Armchair, a masterpiece of mid-century design that’s perfect for small spaces. With its buffalo beige finish, it brings a touch of warmth and elegance to any corner of your home. The chair offers a unique blend of comfort with its high backrest, padded armrests, and cushioned seat, inviting you to relax in style. Standing on sturdy wooden legs, this piece not only promises durability but also adds a vintage charm to your living room. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for those looking to maximize their space without sacrificing style or comfort. The accent armchair is more than just a place to sit; it’s a statement of sophisticated living and efficient design.

    Container Furniture Classic Armchair

    4. Container Furniture Classic Armchair

    Product Dimensions30.3″D x 25.4″W x 33″H
    Item Weight27.5 Pounds
    ColorLight Brown, Black, Grey, Camel
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    Next up, the Container Furniture Classic Armchair stands out with its robust square metal frame and cozy appeal. Cloaked in light brown spotted microfiber, it effortlessly brings warmth and style to any space. Its durable design ensures it fits well in living rooms, bedrooms, or home offices, marrying modernity with comfort. Perfect for those seeking a mix of industrial charm and soft, inviting textures, this armchair is a compact yet powerful addition to your decor. The Container Furniture Classic Armchair proves that you don’t have to compromise on style for functionality, making it a stellar choice for contemporary spaces.

    5. KUVENQIW Grey Pattern Accent Armchair

    Product Dimensions30″D x 29.25″W x 36.5″H
    Item Weight35.3 Pounds
    ColorGrey Pattern, Yellow Pattern
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    KUVENQIW Grey Pattern Accent Armchair

    Continuing with our selection, the KUVENQIW Grey Pattern Accent Armchair effortlessly captures attention. Adorned with nailhead trim and button tufting, this linen fabric sofa chair combines traditional details with modern flair. Its grey pattern upholstery adds a sophisticated touch to any room, making it a perfect reading chair or a stylish addition to your living space. The craftsmanship speaks volumes of comfort and durability, inviting you to indulge in its plush embrace. Ideal for those who value both design and comfort, this club chair is a testament to elegant living. The KUVENQIW Armchair seamlessly blends with various decor styles, proving that classic and contemporary can coexist beautifully.

    pazezog Accent Armchair for Living Room

    6. pazezog Accent Armchair for Living Room

    Product Dimensions25.6″D x 34.6″W x 36.6″H
    Item Weight30.86 Pounds
    ColorBrown, Beige, Blue, Grey, Orange, Pink, White
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    As we delve deeper into our list, the pazezog Accent Armchair emerges as a standout piece. Echoing mid-century modern design, this upholstered armchair is a nod to classic aesthetics while remaining firmly planted in contemporary comfort. Crafted with a keen eye for detail, it features linen fabric that promises both durability and a cozy feel. Perfect as a reading chair or a chic addition to your living room, its design ensures a snug spot for relaxation and contemplation. Moreover, its sleek silhouette makes it a versatile choice for any bedroom, blending seamlessly with various interior themes. The pazezog Accent Armchair is a brilliant example of how functionality meets elegance, making it an essential for those who cherish both style and comfort in their living spaces.

    7. CONSDAN Leather Accent Armchair

    Product Dimensions29.9″D x 29.13″W x 35.04″H
    Item Weight44 Pounds
    ColorBrown, Black, White
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    CONSDAN Leather Accent Armchair

    Further enriching our collection, the CONSDAN Leather Accent Armchair steps into the spotlight. Crafted with a luxurious leather finish, this living room chair exudes sophistication and timeless appeal. The soft, high-resilience cushion ensures a seating experience that’s both supremely comfortable and durable. Adorned with button tufting and nailhead trim, it adds a layer of classic elegance to any space. This brown leather armchair, perfect for lounging or as a distinguished addition to your decor. It seamlessly marries traditional charm with modern-day comfort requirements. It’s an exemplary choice for those who seek to infuse their home with a sense of refined style while ensuring the utmost in relaxation.

    HUIMO High Back Accent Armchair

    8. HUIMO High Back Accent Armchair

    Product Dimensions31″D x 28″W x 37″H
    Item Weight36.6 Pounds
    ColorBlue Floral, Butterfly, Tan With Lines
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    Next, let’s turn our attention to the HUIMO High Back Accent Armchair. This piece stands out with its retro printed wingback design, wrapped in a captivating blue floral linen. It’s not just a armchair; it’s a statement of style and comfort. Designed for those who appreciate a touch of vintage in their modern lives, it offers a cozy nook for reading or simply relaxing. The high back provides ample support, making it a perfect addition to your bedroom or study. Plus, with a capacity to hold up to 300lbs, it’s as sturdy as it is stylish. This comfy accent chair is an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a splash of colour and a dash of elegance to their space.

    9. AWQM Tufted Faux Leather Accent Armchair

    Product Dimensions23.63″D x 23.23″W x 28.35″H
    Item Weight26 Pounds
    ColorBrown, Black, Blue, Grey
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    AWQM Tufted Faux Leather Accent Armchair

    Moving on, we find the AWQM Tufted Faux Leather Accent Armchair, a piece that effortlessly combines modern and mid-century charm. Wrapped in rich brown faux leather, this accent chair brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. Its tufted backrest and comfortable arms invite you to relax in style, whether it’s in your living room or bedroom. Designed to blend seamlessly with both contemporary and classic decor, it offers the perfect spot for unwinding or enjoying a quiet moment. This modern living room chair doesn’t just look good; it’s built to provide lasting comfort and support.

    sunkind Mid Century Accent Armchair

    10. sunkind Mid Century Accent Armchair

    Product Dimensions32.28″D x 29.33″W x 32.09″H
    Item Weight30.6 Pounds
    ColorWhite, White Blue, Blue
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    As we continue, the sunkind Mid Century Accent Armchair makes its entrance, capturing the essence of mid-century design with a modern twist. Clothed in soft linen fabric, this armchair serves as a cozy retreat for reading, relaxing, or simply adding a stylish touch to your living room, sitting room, or bedroom. Its comfortable upholstery and supportive design promise a welcoming spot for you to unwind at any time of the day. Ideal for those who value both aesthetics and comfort, this single sofa chair is a versatile addition to any space, blending effortlessly with a variety of decor styles. The sunkind armchair is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a haven of comfort that invites you to take a moment for yourself.

    11. Bonzy Home Linen Accent Armchair

    Product DimensionsSeat: 20″D x 20″W x 34″H
    Item Weight
    ColorFloral Pattern
    Check Price
    Bonzy Home Linen Accent Armchair

    Finally, we arrive at the Bonzy Home Linen Accent Armchair, a piece that beautifully marries the rustic charm of French country design with contemporary comfort. Adorned with a floral pattern, this linen armchair brings a fresh and inviting look to any room, be it your living room, bedroom, or reading nook. The wooden legs add a timeless elegance, while the included pillow ensures an extra layer of comfort for those long reading sessions or cozy evenings. This upholstered single sofa is more than just a chair; it’s a cozy escape that enhances the aesthetic of your space with its unique design and comforting embrace. Perfect for anyone looking to inject a bit of character and comfort into their home. The Bonzy Home armchair stands as a testament to the idea that you don’t have to compromise on style for the sake of coziness.


    So, as we close our guide to the 11 best space-saving accent armchairs, it’s clear that elegance and efficiency can beautifully merge in small spaces. Each chair we’ve showcased proves that you don’t need a lot of room to have big style. These armchairs are perfect for small spaces, offering comfort and flair. They show that smart design can make any room look and feel cozy. So, choosing the right armchair means making the most of your space without losing out on style or comfort.

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